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Welcome to Nibbles of Tidbits!

April 24th, 2008 2 comments


Hello.  Welcome to Nibbles of Tidbits, a Food Blog.  I’m Shelly Borrell and its publisher.  We report about and photograph all things FOOD related — Cooking, dining out, recipes, competitions, events, products and a whole lot more.  We review and feature many Southern California restaurants and other fabulous food finds discovered through travel and eating on Earth. 

Nibbles of Tidbits is a place to read about the terrific dishes we’ve made, as well as “dishes gone wrong.”  If you’ve been cooking for a fair amount of time, you know that many dishes turn out great and some just become that (hopefully funny now) day of enlightenment.  

Nibs of Tids for short (probably only once – HA) is a blog about the GOOD, the BAD & the FUNNY regarding FOOD — From Yikes to Ooo La La.  We emphasize food experimentation, comparison, various cooking techniques, uncommon ingredients, easy meals, helpful tools, shortcuts, cool ideas and fun stuff.  

When not dining out, our goal is to prepare unique and flavorful, high-quality meals on a daily basis.  Why not?  We report the results of our testing and tastings, good and bad.  We’re a ‘Tavern on the Web’ to take away yummy inspiration or learn what not to do next time.  Thanks for visiting and do check back often.  Ciao.

BONUS INFO:  If seeking information regarding Freelance Writing Services, please visit our main site — I Need Text  And if you’d like to read more, I currently write as the Orange County Food Examiner on  I’ve been a cookin’ fool for years and lucky enough to win a few recipe/food contests.  To learn more about that, click here and to view additional (non-food related) writing samples, this is the link for you. 

All the Best, Shelly Borrell

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