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A Visit To Pick Up Stix At Westcliff.

October 10th, 2008 No comments

I think Pick Up Stix does a pretty good job.  These pictures are from a pop in at the Westcliff location in Newport Beach, California.  TIP:  Try not to hit it when the nearby High School is releasing students.

Pick Up Stix is featuring Crispy Honey Chicken, Rice and a Salad for $4.99 — It’s in a Coupon Packet I received in the mail, but you don’t need the coupon to get it.  Since it sounded good and I pass by one, I got that Special to go.  I liked the Honey Chicken, but the Salad tasted bagged and was wilted.  I did ask that it be packed on the side, but they overlooked that request.  The Dressing for the Salad isn’t terrific either — I ended up using my home favorite Sesame Dressing.  Overall, I do like Pick Up Stix, but need to be selective with a couple items. 

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