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Carl’s & The Green Burrito’s New Crisp Burritos.

March 15th, 2009 1 comment


I think I’ve had these before — Not from Carl’s or The Green Burrito, but when I was in elementary school.  They taste like Burrito Day back when.  And they also taste like those Mini Tacos in the frozen food’s section of the grocery store, plus a food sample I once received at Costco on a Saturday afternoon. 

In other words, the flavor combination is reminiscent of foods gone by.  And I actually liked Carl’s Crisp Burrito’s flavor and texture.  I received a coupon to try a 3-Pack, but two are enough.  Three were a bit heavy, but they do hit a tasty note I’ve enjoyed before.  Next time I’d need a side of Sour Cream and Hot Sauce.