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Pets And People Escape Heat & Eat In Lake Arrowhead.

September 16th, 2012 No comments

Day vay-kay to get away from the persistent heat — We escaped to Lake Arrowhead and watched the temperature go down as we drove up the mountain.  Awe, oooo, wow, awe…

Cheers to that — We then enjoyed food baked for various visiting and local species.

It was Beer and Pizza at Lake Arrowhead Village Pizza for we the people.

And a special gourmet treat for Leon (Our Pet Treat Judge) from Three Dog Bakery nearby.

The Pizza was good, but we were most impressed with the extra frosty mugs — Cool stuff!

The view was beautiful and weather comfortable with an umbrella.

Every bite of all shown was consumed and followed by a partial walk around the lake.

Lake Arrowhead, so close, yet so far away — Take the high road to cooler, fresh ground.

Lake Arrowhead Village is extra happening during Oktoberfest — It starts later this month.