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Open Sesame In Belmont Shore, Best Of The LBC.

October 7th, 2009 No comments

Pinkberry, Open Sesame 021

Belmont Shore, one of the best areas in Long Beach hosts a lot of great restaurants.  I spent many fun years living within walking distance from “The Shore” and ate at every restaurant on Second Street.  Too bad Nibbles of Tidbits didn’t exist then — It would’ve had quite the material.  Open Sesame featured HERE wasn’t there during that time, but it now occupies two spots, 5201/5215.

Pinkberry, Open Sesame 001Pinkberry, Open Sesame 003Pinkberry, Open Sesame 004

Open Sesame has a corner location (a Cheese Steak Sandwich joint during my days) and another restaurant a few doors down.  If you plan on meeting someone there, be sure to specify which one.

Pinkberry, Open Sesame 005Pinkberry, Open Sesame 006Pinkberry, Open Sesame 022

Before visiting, we heard nothing but good things about the place.  We started our meal with artsy HummusPita Bread and Fried Cauliflower, which turned out to be my favorite menu item of the meal.  We also had the Kafta Pita that’s made with ground charbroiled Sirloin and Lamb, and the Chicken Shawarma Pita, made with marinated Chicken breast and thigh meat.  Unfortunately, the Kafta Pita meat was dry and tough, thus we’d opt for a substitute next time.

Pinkberry, Open Sesame 002

The service was good and they offer outdoor patio dining at both Second Street locations.  Love that!  Pictured directly above is the Green Hot Tea — And we also tried the Jalab, a combination of Rose Water and Grape Syrup infused with Incense and topped with Pinenuts.  It’s different and refreshingly crunchy.  I’d get it again, especially since I know I’ll be back to visit Belmont Shore (and the Heights), the best part of the LBC.

Shannon’s Bayshore: Dive Bar Still Going Strong And Longer.

October 15th, 2011 No comments

Oh Belmont Shore I have a special place for thee — Hadn’t been back for some time.  Memory lane happened today with a stop at Shannon’s Bayshore for a Shoot the Root and game of pool.  A lot has changed and much remains the same on Second Street.  A good change for Bayshore is its longer bar that now stretches most the length of its narrow space. 

Shoot the Root — A Shot of Root Beer Schnapps dropped into a glass of Beer.

Skatin’ The LBC Beach Path For A Patio Lunch In Shoreline Village.

July 11th, 2010 No comments

Chips and Tableside Guacamole Fresco at Tequila Jack’s Beach House Cantina in Shoreline Village, Long Beach (the LBC) — After skating from the Belmont Plaza Olympic Pool (near Belmont Veteran’s Memorial Pier) on the beach path to Shoreline Village, we relaxed with drinks, appetizers and Tacos at TJ’s.

We’ve skated, biked and walked the beach path in Long Beach hundreds of times before — It’s a particularly good path for skaters, since it’s extra wide and smooth compared to other local beach paths.  It’s generally less crowded and offers great views too.

Wanting more, we limited ourselves to one Hand Shaken Cadillac Margarita each, since we were already contemplating a ride on the Passport as an easier trip back to our starting point (haha), but we skated back — And no SUI or SWI for us!  Pictured is the Grilled Vegetable Taco and not pictured is the rest of the day, since the camera battery died after a long night.  We need a back-up for all the action.

It was a good day for a patio lunch — Tequila Jack’s always seems willing to accommodate.

Fajitas At Tequila Jack’s In Shoreline Village.

May 24th, 2009 1 comment


OMGosh, I’ve missed the LBC.  I lived in Belmont Shore and Belmont Heights in Long Beach for several years before relocating to Huntington Beach, then Costa Mesa.  I have a lot of great food and fun memories there.  It’s a cool city with vast food finds.  We skated the Long Beach Bike Path beginning to end, from Ocean/54th Place to Shoreline Village, like I have hundreds of times before — It’s nicely paved for skating.  


We had Shrimp, Chicken and Beef Fajitas, Side Salads, Chips & Salsa, Coronas and Margaritas on the Tequila Jack’s patio in Shoreline Village, which offers a few good restaurants to choose from.  This visit we attempted to eat at The Yard House, next door to Tequila Jack’s — BUT instead had an incident.  Since we skated, two were in socks and one in shoes.  Nevertheless we received an electronic transponder after reserving a table at The Yard House.


We secured 3 chairs at the bar to wait for a table to be available, then the YH Manager came over to tell us he couldn’t serve us due to the socks and we had to leave.  Real cool huh!?  I know there are rules, but was it necessary that we essentially be kicked out?  We weren’t walking around, we were going to be sitting outside, and looked and acted respectable otherwise.  He wouldn’t even allow us to wait outside until our patio table was ready.

I think the Manager’s non-flexibility was ridiculous — Our socks were gorgeous and would ultimately be under the table.  His fear of litigation and lack of case by case discretion lost our business.  THUS we had a lovely lunch at Tequila Jack’s, where they plainly saw our same state yet sat us without question.  Aside from this experience I like The Yard House and its food, but today we liked Tequila Jack’s much better.  The service was terrific.


More INFO:

Taco Tuesdays at Tequila Jack’s:

Nibble’s New Obsession: Simmzy’s Cauliflower With Cilantro Pesto.

March 30th, 2016 No comments


It’s from Simmzy’s Eat – Drink – Pub — I had seen photos of great looking food at Simmzy’s and have wanted to dine there for some time.  While in Huntington Beach recently, we stopped at Simmzy’s for a Beer and Starter.  Only one, since we had just dined at Saint Marc footsteps away, but we had to try something.  We opted for the Cauliflower with Cilantro Pesto, caramelized florets with Garlic Breadcrumbs and Lemon (pictured above and described below).  It has such a tasty, bold, lemony flavor I had it again at Simmzy’s Long Beach location a couple weeks later.

Simmzy's Menu Excerpt

Simmzy’s Eat – Drink – Pub’s Long Beach location is on a corner in Belmont Shore (below).


It’s where the Shore House Cafe used to be when I lived in Belmont Shore years ago.

Simmzy's Menu

Simmzy’s Menu — Enlarge for a better view.

Simmzy's HB

Simmzy’s Huntington Beach location is pictured above — Most seats offer an ocean view across PCH.

I Wondered Where He Went: The Rosengarten Report And Mardesich.

December 20th, 2011 No comments

Worlds collide — I remember David Rosengarten.  In the early days of the Food Network, he was one of my favorites.  I learned a lot from him during several years of Taste, and thought he was so conversant and educated so thoroughly.  I truly understood whatever the principle.

I hadn’t thought of him in a long time, until given The Rosengarten Report by a friend.

A friend whose Mother’s Estate produces Mardesich Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Paso Robles.

And The Rosengarten Report wrote about it, which means it’s something special.

Terrific for them, you and me, since I recently tried a bottle of Mardesich Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  It tastes better than any I’ve tried in a long time and I’m not just sayin’ that because it’s harvested by a degree of separation.  It can also be purchased at We Olive in Paso Robles and Long Beach, another reason to visit Belmont Shore.  I’m glad to like it so much.

It’s most excellent for full-flavored food and perfect with Sourdough Bread.

Bravo Mardesich!  Fruitful growth is wished upon you — And salute to David Rosengarten.

What Up Panama Joe’s – Hoochified By The Shark From Baja?!

October 16th, 2011 No comments

It’s Panama Joe’s in face only, but truly a Shark behind the awning, Baja Sharkeez that is.

It’s really not Panama Joe’s anymore, the local bar I liked most when living in Belmont Shore a lifetime ago.  We loved dancing to their live bands — Let’s go crash that party down in Normaltown tonight and we’ll go skinny dippin’ in the moonlight, the Deadbeat Club in PJ days.

PJ’s was a kick-back, fun neighborhood bar and restaurant where we had some times, and it’s now marketed as a party-down place with distracting TV overload.  BS is trying to be cool when PJ’s already was.  Everyone at BS seemed nice but… RIP the real Panama Joe’s.

Long Beach Post Article Announcing Winners of Burger Contest.

September 15th, 2011 No comments

I once lived in the LBC, Belmont Shore to be exact, walking distance from a Hof’s Hut Restaurant & Bakery, now a Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que, a new favorite, and I worked across the street from the view above.  Will always have a special place for Long Beach, near most of the remaining Hof’s.  Read about the Burger Contest — Long Beach Post quotes me

HH’s 60th Anniversary promotions — Grateful the FSSB Won!

Hof’s Hut 60th Anniversary Burger Contest: What Would Be On Your Best?

May 12th, 2011 No comments

I haven’t been to Hof’s Hut in years, but once upon a time lived a block away from its former Second Street location in Belmont Shore (now Lucille’s) — It and I were there a few years while in college, and I had many-a satisfying meals on its upstair’s patio.  Awe nostalgia.

Hof’s Hut first opened its doors in 1951 and to celebrate their 60th Anniversary, they’re hosting a Burger Contest.  What would you put on your best Burger?  Tell Hof’s Hut and name it to potentially see it on their menu.  I’ve already mailed in 5 — It’s easy to fill out the one-page form pictured above and here.  The deadline for submission is May 31st, 2011.

A Christmas Party & Cost Plus World Market During The Holidays.

December 19th, 2010 No comments

A Christmas Party and Cost Plus World Market go very well together.  This year I hosted my 16th Annual Girl’s Christmas Party for several long-time dear friends (and the best sister in the world), and Cost Plus fit right in, since my relationship with it spans equally long.  My first apartment in Belmont Shore was basically furnished by them — I was so proud of its style and still have several cool imports and dishes from way-back when.  For this Sweet 16, CPWM generously provided a Gift Card that was used to purchase all snacks, prizes, drinks, wrap, and most stylish and tasty party supplies.  What a great thing!

Each guest brings an Appetizer, Salad or Side Dish, plus a GIFT for a wild gift exchange with plenty of opportunities to steal what you really want — And this year, as always we enjoyed an abundance of FOOD, fun and laughs.

A PRIZE is awarded to the person bringing the Best Voted Appetizer, an incentive to bring something good.  Guests cast anonymous (and sometimes padded and made-up) votes that are tallied to choose a hopefully legitimate winner.

Desserts are always baked by my treasured friend Loretta, whose goodies can’t be beat.

Having one person bring the Dessert is also strategic — In earlier party days, guests/friends  were asked to bring an Appetizer or Dessert and I learned that it would produce too many Desserts and not enough Appetizers.  Now, Loretta automatically receives a prize for her award-winning Desserts and there’s always enough savory stuff to eat.  This year, Patty aka Tricia won a prize for her Salad pictured at top.  All tasted fantastic — And I’m now trying to obtain the recipe for the Tapenade pictured above, which was made by my friend, Nora’s husband Brian.  If allowed, I’ll share it here, as it was truly outstanding and a runner-up to the Salad.

Wouldn’t you know that I had technical difficulties with my camera this evening, which resulted in mostly blurry and poorly lighted food dishes that can’t be shared. 🙁

Cost Plus World Market recently to stumbled upon Nibbles of Tidbits, and me who is already in love with them — The result is continuous adoration and perfect party supplies (from around the world) for my Sweet 16th Annual Girl’s Christmas Party.  We girls appreciated it ALL!

Because I like handing out prizes and laughing at people playing the stupid games I come up with, each year we play several new and old favorites — This year Nora won the red and white votive candles, Arlene won the Oil & Vinegar Cruets, Loretta won the colander, soap and bath fizzies, and Heidi won the Chocolate Champagne bottle and more.

The pictured snacks were chosen from CPWM‘s seemingly endless selection of international goods.  It was hard to decide, as one could host a variety of party themes with Cost Plus food.

And a BIG SHOUT OUT needs to go out for the White Cheddar Snowball Puffs!  They have a perfect amount of tasty Cheddar flavor and a nicely crisp puff.  They were a hit and I want to go back for more before they disappear.

Cost Plus is the only place I’ve seen thus far with Red & Green Tortilla Chips that taste and look good.  I served them with a favorite Salsa determined during a Salsa Taste-Off.

And if you don’t know already, Cost Plus World Market offers an amazing selection of Beer and Wine.  We enjoyed Stella Artois, Corona Extra and Skinny Dip New Belgium — Had to get it for the name and we were pleasantly surprised by its likable flavor.

To keep our drinks straight, we used the above drink markers, also from Cost Plus.  I turned ’em into a game by awarding a prize to the person picking the prized adjective — Whomever chose DESPERATE won.

Photo of this year’s party attendees and BFF’s.

Although I’ve shopped at Cost Plus for years, I haven’t purchased much of their Beer, Wine or other imported beverages, which is probably a bit odd, since many shop there specifically for it.  Since CPWM sponsored most of this year’s party, it was a great opportunity to sample their infinite offerings — And ultimately there was an overwhelming response to the Cristalino Champagne.  It’s terrifically bubbly, fresh and not too sweet.  It’s an excellent inexpensive Champagne.  Other photos reflect prizes happily won by guests.

Do you like my Charlie Brown Christmas Tree?  It’s easy clean up, but I’m starting to miss a real one.  Maybe next year.  Also pictured is a giant bottle of the Champagne noted above.  The large bottle was fun and oh so good — We went through it too fast.  And I probably talked on the microphone too much, but had to get the attention of the rebellious crowd to participate in the next silly game.  There were cool prizes to be won.

Cost Plus is an old friend that made my Sweet 16th Annual Christmas Party extra special and tasty — All friends were joyful about it too!  Merry Christmas to YOU.