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Red & Green Foods Of December: Food Coloring Series Revisited.

December 2nd, 2014 No comments

Red and Green Food 6

It’s already December — Another year flew by too fast and my computer just went kaput.  This month starts with a test of my new computer and return to Nibbles of Tidbits’ Food Coloring Series, featuring the relevant colors of Red & Green, and timely food ideas that spotlight them.

Red and Green Food 2

Most dishes can be deciphered without a recipe or tailored to your taste.

Red and Green Food

Previous Food Coloring Series posts are linked here — Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, etc.

Red and Green Food 5

Some dishes start off festive, but once the Peppers and Cucumbers get eaten, then what?

Red and Green Food 3

If looking for more Red & Green Food Ideas, they’re linked here.

Red and Green Food 7

Merry Christmas to me from my new computer.

Red and Green Food 1

More to test and explore, after Shrimp Cocktails and picture-perfect Christmas Cookies.

Red and Green Food 4

An impressive Snowman Fruit Bowl that’s perfect for the season and looks easy to make.

Red and Green Food 8

Credits and additional instructions may be linked: Crostini’s, Shrimp Cocktails, Christmas Cookies, Christmas Wreath Vegetable Platter, BLT Salad, and Snowman Fruit Bowl.  Happy Holidays!

Red & Green: Innagural Color-Combo In Our Food Coloring Series.

November 30th, 2012 No comments

Nibbles of Tidbits’ Food Coloring Series continues with a combo platter aka its first popular color combination — Red & Green in time for December.  Have you seen our series?  FOOD in magnificent shades of orange, purple, yellow, green, blue, red, white, black, brown and pink, have previously been celebrated here.  See respective links.  The Red & Green Color-Combo begins with Chocolate Cups filled with Whipped Cream, Raspberries and Kiwi.  A nice start.

Do I want to go back to Paris?  The above might make me think so, but… Let’s continue on.

Tomatoes, Buffalo Mozzarella, Basil, Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar is all that’s needed.

Watermelon Jellies — Similar to Shelly’s Jellies.  Wait, Shelly’s Jellies are better!

Though the painting looks like Black Olives to me, it’s Green Apples.  Either way, I like it.

I plan to make Caramel and Salted Caramel soon and love it best with Apples and Ice Cream.

Can you find the FOOD above?  A table filled with homemade goodness awaits inside.

Strawberries at a Christmas Party.

Life is short indeed, but I’d opt for King Crab Legs and Filet Mignon — More savory than sweet.

Though a basic, easy dessert to make, it takes time to wait before adding the next layer.

Christmas Cupcake and Cookie decorating ideas.

Looks like a table set for a Christmas Brunch in California — Photo Credit.

Apples and Grapes I didn’t paint, but would give it a try.

It’s Red & Green Season and it’s good for our hearts too — Eat up!  What Color-Combo should be covered next?  Black & White?  Red, White & Blue?  Silver & Gold?  Let us be told.

Food Coloring Series: Pretty In Pink Food Perfect In February.

February 13th, 2012 1 comment

Our Food Coloring Series kicked off with orange to spotlight Orange County Food Blogs, then explored shades of purple, yellow, green, blue, red, whiteblack, brown, and now PINK

Pink is sweet, tart and familiar to me — “All of her lovers all talk of her notes.”  Indeed they do, but we talk food here.  I’d guess that to be true in the lead photo too.  Pretty in pink.

Pictured is a collection of pink favorites and parallels — Continuing top down it goes.

A Pink Grapefruit Salad, Beet Juice as a dye, and a path I’d love to walk.

Beef (Rib Eye Steak), well qualified for the brown, red (when less cooked) and pink posts.

Have you tried Dragon Fruit?  I haven’t yet, but plan to.  How about you?

Not exactly my dream kitchen, but I like, especially the mixer I’ve yet to buy.


I still eat Cotton Candy at the OC Fair.

Pink Lemonade for a Garden Party to reminisce with old friends.

Always time to donate $ to find a cure for a nuisance that ruins too many lives.

Watermelon Ice Cream Cake.

Part of the dining community under the wondrous sea.

Cupcakes made by our very own Kids in the Kitchen.

Cured salmon, another shade of pink.

Adorable miniature bites in pink — I always fall for tiny things.  They’re so cute!

A refreshingly beautiful Gelatin mold to see, couldn’t find the recipe.

Cheers to sharing Cupcakes and Milkshakes together.

Food Coloring Series: In The Pink After A Cookie & Weekend Vay-Kay.

January 27th, 2012 No comments

Enjoy the weekend — There’s much to report after a mini vacation.  Have a Cookie.

Food Coloring Series: Once A Brownie, Always A Blondie, Now Brown.

January 10th, 2012 No comments

The New Face of Food Coloring is here on Nibbles of Tidbits with a Jelly Belly nose, since we’ve arrived at BROWN — Do you need a drop of color?  It’s a magnificent thing, from the depths of the ocean through the sky.  Our Food Coloring Series started with orange to spotlight links to OC Blogs, then kaleidoscoped into purpleyellow, green, blue, red, white and black.  Without further ado, brown kicks off with a RECIPE for these Puppy Cupcakes.  Awe.

 Continuing with Sherry Mushrooms with Pine Nuts, on my ‘To Cook List’ that’s too long.

Steak Au Poivre by Alton Brown — It has to be good.  Filet makes the brown and red list.

Cookie decorating ideas for any color — Brown and White Bite Size Cookies pictured here.

Beef on Weck — This Sandwich looks so good to me.  I can almost taste it all with the Pickle.

I love Candy Buffets and once set-up a mini buffet with my favorite flavor.

I like the feel of this photo, but is that Canned Bread?  I want to provide credit — Is it yours?

Mounds Brownie — I once was a Brownie, while still a Blondie, and won a ribbon for it too.

Kumato Brown Tomatoes — I think they’re interesting, but I’m more impressed by the blog I found ’em on.  It’s called Eat at Joe’s and it anonymously reviews all things Trader Joe’s.

I choose a Sugar Donut most often and the runner-up will always be any HOT Donut.

Chocolate Bar Brownies (above) and the RECIPE.

A Chocolate Keyboard — To eat or to write, that is the question.

 Rock Candy made with Brown Sugar.

Instant personality with a marker!  Funny Eggs — I want to replicate ’em.

Smile inside and out — Grateful for Bacon & Eggs on a t-shirt or rock in Carlsbad.

Brown Sugar Lil’ Smokies wrapped in Bacon — The RECIPE is here.

Which Sugar/Azucar doesn’t belong?  Do you remember that from Sesame Street?

A Giant Hostess Cupcake Cake and Step-by-Step RECIPE.

Chocolate Fountains — What a sight and site it came from.  Where’s the Strawberries?

I want to dine here with friends and Wine.  It’s so beautiful — Photo Credit.

Bread in many forms is mostly brown.

This cow wants to know what you’re looking at — How now brown cow.

Food Coloring Series: Back With Black, Time To Mack, Grab A Sack.

December 29th, 2011 No comments

Black is the new black — Continuing our Food Coloring Series at midnight in recognition of all shades of black.  Is there a color with more associations?  See its depth in relation to food.

Nobu Black Cod With Miso and Squid Ink Pasta start our black mack pack.

Black Pepper Crusted Tuna Steaks on the BBQ.

Steamed Mussels in Curry Broth and the recipe.

A black and white kitchen with dining — I see laughs and passionate happenings there.

The above foods aren’t really black — Sshhhhhh. 😉

Pretty in pink Chocolate Cake or a Chocolate Cake on fire — It’s a good look either way.

Black Coffee in bed?  The stain on my notebook says nothing to me, just sayin’.

And now back to Black Food Coloring — It’s available too.  I just learned that.

Food related words above — It’s a bit repetitive I now see, but initially looks interesting.

Creative use of Black Licorice and Candy Corn in the Haunted Licorice Forest — Love it.

I’ve burnt many a Toast, as proven here — Is it me or the Toaster Oven?  Mostly me.

Blackened Catfish and the recipe.

Do you remember Davey and Goliath in black and white?  I loved watching it as a kid.

Olive, Cream Cheese & Carrot Happy Feet Penguin Appetizers and step-by-step instructions.

Who is behind the bar?  Many chairs pulled-up over and over again in time.

Blackberries, a bucket of purple pickins amongst black nuance.

Olive — I’ll live, Lord willing.  Thanks for this food.  Amen.

Black Bean Soup and its origin, Black Beans, rock hard first.

Black Tea telling you so.

A simple life is a beautiful thing — My Mom knew the car-hop experience with school friends.  She tells the stories.  Sonic Drive-In is the closest thing to that for me.

Colorful Salad Greens against a striking black background — I just like it.

The next color in the series will be                  .

Food Coloring Series: December Is Timely To Remember Red Food.

December 23rd, 2011 No comments

I fancy hanging snowflakes during Christmas time that attempt to look half as good as above.

One of the best reds is perfectly cooked Filet Mignon.

Red Velvet Cake, very popular now.

Shrimp Cocktail Teasers — I make the best Cocktail Sauce in seconds.

A Lobster Roll — Never had one, always wanted one, will get one (someday).

Pomegranate Margarita and other interesting Margarita concoctions are here.

I love Beets and used to make them all the time.  The drawback is they stain everything.

I receive a lot of love and find Watermelon Juice irresistible.

Apple credit goes to God, then here.

While picking Strawberries as a kid in a nearby field, I almost got shot with a Salt Gun.

Planet Earth Apple — Do you think it was coincidentally bitten that way? 😉

I’ll forever support cute and sweet, with consideration over cuteness, consider it!?

Chef Niece Bailee could paint these Cherries with ease, I just eat ’em with simplicity.

Another staining food, but superb in countless ways are Pomegranate Seeds.

Oh so beautiful — Standing there now in spirit.

Note:  Continuing our Food Coloring Series with RED — Click color links to see previously posted orange, green, yellow, blue, white and purple food photos.  Have a favorite?

We Heart Food, Color And Life: To Be (Or Not To Be) Next In A Series.

May 19th, 2012 No comments

Considering the next color to be featured in our Food Coloring Series.  Perhaps 50 shades of GRAY?  We’ve previously highlighted orangepurple, yellow, green, blue, red, white, black, brown and pink.  What color should be next?  Gold is valuable.  Rust isn’t.  Silver?  That’s gray.

Holding God’s Hand While Hoping For Peace: White Foods For The Soul.

December 14th, 2011 No comments

It starts off cute, simple and sweet with a melting Snowman Sugar Cookie, or is it sad?

Purity, honesty, clarity, simplicity and love are white, so are Pumpkins, Parsnips and Pigs.

When asked my favorite color, I used to say WHITE, to often hear “white’s not a color.”

Is white a color?

Pearly White French Macarons are so luxurious and seem a joy to lick.

A Clam in Broth is calming and innocent, what it should be, but could be incredibly bland.

Eggs, a versatile ingredient that’s trippy when over-analyzed, like the Meat aisle.

Talent, intuition, cleanliness, transparency and wisdom are cherished gifts in ones short time.

So much is bigger than you and me, let’s just eat, laugh, love and be grateful for all.

I’m unimportant compared to many things, but better off than Bacon — It’s too well liked.

Cheese made from a cow, goat and sheep are shared with bountiful Root Vegetables from soil.

A Picnic in a Vineyard is on a to-do list — Realized someday with a camera Lord willing.

In color a surprise would be clear or white — Yes?!  Though not analogous to above unknowns.

And a white to-go bag for two today — Sometimes it’s just better that way.  Ciao.

The Nutrition Source INFO may be helpful — Be humble, it’s not all about YOU (or me).

Note: Continuing our Food Coloring Series with WHITE — Click color links to see previously posted orange, green, yellow, blue and purple foods.  Next up will be red, black, and then…

Blue Food I Saw You Standin’ Alone With A Dream In Your Kitchen.

November 19th, 2011 2 comments

Our freshly dubbed Parade of Colorful Food series “gives new meaning to food coloring,” said Steven Woo, DC Contributor.  In contrast to the yellow, orange, green and purple food currently on display and linked here, not much in the food world is naturally blue.

Blue is otherwise a surrounding color in nature — In the oceans and wondrous sky, and it also seems to be the favorite color of most.  Mine will be in the spotlight next in the series.

We like the posted photos because they’re aesthetically pleasing, interesting, idealistic, unique, inspirational, educational and fun — Credit for all is linked throughout.

Learn about Five Ways to Raise Seafood here and above.

Does anyone eat Jellyfish?

If fried, would they disintegrate or crisp up?  I’ll look it up later.

I endlessly appreciate a fresh, well-prepared, handsome Macaron and more of them.

And couldn’t feature blue food without Blueberries, my preferred fresh Berry.

It’s blue and relates to food — Always had an interest in vintage documents and photographs.

The best Cookie Monster Cupcake I’ve seen.  It doesn’t look too difficult to prepare.

The photo below just trips me out, especially the Banana — Crazy for blue food perhaps?!

Food coloring as I know it and craft glue with eyes — Things should have eyes too. 🙂

The first to identify these blue eyes wins a prize, said the brown eyed girl.

Where the folks are fine and the world is mine on Blue Bayou with a BBQ.

Halloween To Thanksgiving: Pumpkin Purposes In October & November.

October 31st, 2013 No comments

Halloween Table

Happy Halloween — If ever there was a time to carve, decorate or eat a Pumpkin, it’s now.

Halloween/Thanksgiving Table 1

This year especially, Pumpkins are available in a lot more colors than orange.


Though it kicks off scary, Pumpkin’s purpose is a magnificent thing — It’s simply stylish & tasty.

Halloween Table 3

I cherish its Seeds, Soups and Pies in Fall (or anytime at all).

Thanksgiving Table

They’re diverse on the table as decor, a side or dessert, or as the table for snacks and apps.

Pumpkin Table 1

Several large and small examples are posted for reference.

Pumpkin Table

Post was inspired by this day and our food coloring series — Some shown here.

Pumpkin Table 2

Photo credits are here, here, here, here, here, here and here — Thanks!

A Taste Of The Funny: Ever Have Wasabi Nose Or Grapefruit Eye?

February 25th, 2012 No comments

While contemplating the next color in Nibbles of Tidbits’ Food Coloring Series, The Funny and The Bad will be similarly featured in photographs in between — Fortunately The Good usually prevails here, and we laugh at the funny and learn from the bad that happens around FOOD and in life.  This prelude is a taste of funny that can also be bad.  I’ve experienced 7 of the Food-Related Injuries identified above, most commonly Wasabi Nose.  How about you?

Emerald Of A Lemon-Lime Fruit Gem: Best Recipe (For All) In Stone.

February 20th, 2012 4 comments

Our Best Recipe for Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon-Lime, and Lemon or Lime Fruit Gems is HERE.  Like an Emerald, a discovery was made, then cut and polished for optimum consistency and flavor.  The pictured were made with Lemon and Lime Juice and Zest.  All flavors are superb.

Homemade Fruit Gem Ingredients: 1 Cup of Corn Syrup, 1 Cup of Sugar, Zest of 1 (Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon and/or Lime), 3/4 Cup of Fresh Squeezed Juice (Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon and/or Lime), 7 Tbsps. of Fruit Pectin, 1/4 Tsp. of Baking Soda, and Food Coloring (optional to improve color).  Recipe was fine-tuned after earlier posting and best measurements are noted herein, and amended in this post, for best clarity and color, though the previous variation worked well too.  Step-by-Step instructions (and same recipe) are linked here.  Irish eyes smiled this day — Should Lemon-Lime become the New March Madness?

Blushing Over Much: The Moments I Thank God I Am Alive.

February 3rd, 2012 No comments

These are the moments I thank God I am alive, for what’s up, down, and around the corner.

A trickle of pink food coloring (series), while creating and collecting more — Pink Grapefruit Jellies and recipe coming soon, my second favorite Candy flavor after Orange.  I’m still riding the wave of accomplishment over the seamless preparation of delicious Orange Jellies.