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Whole Roasted Cauliflower: StoneFire Grill Has A Lot More To Love.

May 31st, 2014 No comments

Stonefire Grill 008

I’ve loved StoneFire Grill for a few years now and always get the same thing — The Lemon Garlic 1/2 Chicken and Gorgonzola Butter Tri Tip.  Both are consistently, absolutely amazing.

Stonefire Grill 002

I didn’t need anything else, until I recently tried several of StoneFire Grill’s new menu items.  They’re grilling, chopping and serving up much more than I ever realized.  It’s a restaurant for everyone, especially me more often.  Everything they make has an abundance of flavor.

Stonefire Grill 007

We tried new Sandwiches, Sides and other ‘From The Grill’ specialties I already want again.

Stonefire Grill 014

StoneFire Grill’s MENU is here.

Stonefire Grill 028

Photo of my first plate (above) and of one of my new favorite dishes (below) — The Shrimp with Lemon, Olive Oil, Garlic, Chili Flakes and chopped Parsley served with Quinoa.  So tasty!

Stonefire Grill 031

And their ‘Incredible Carrot Cake’ is indeed incredible and very moist.

Stonefire Grill Carrot Cake

Other new favorites are the Whole Roasted Cauliflower (top photo) that’s served warm topped with Lemon Tahini and chopped Parsley — It’s a most impressive Side dish.

Stonefire Grill 009

And my favorite Sandwich was the Roasted Cauliflower Pita — It’s spicy, different and delicious.  There are currently seven StoneFire Grill locations.  Most photos here were taken a menu tasting in Irvine and the better ones were provided.  While there I learned that it all started with a large, close family and it’s run by friendly, connected people.  They say… Let the fire spread from our kitchen to your heart.  It’s shown through the food and people.

And I Just Can’t Get Enough, I Just Can’t Get Enough Of StoneFire Grill.

March 15th, 2011 No comments

We’ve previously posted about StoneFire Grill, but each time I go back I’m reminded that it’s so damn tasty — And it’s a great value, the food is high in quality, the ordering/dining process is efficient and comfortable and the service is always friendly.  I just can’t get enough.

We slip and slide as we fall in love and I just can’t seem to get enough of StoneFire Grill.

We’re Ready To Go Back To StoneFire Grill For Lunch.

June 10th, 2010 No comments

StoneFire Grill is better than we remember — Ate there a few years ago, before Nibbles of Tidbits and don’t recall much, but after today’s lunch we can’t wait to go back.  The Individual Meal prices aren’t bad, especially since you get a lot of good food.  You order at the counter and they deliver your food, which makes it an efficient treat for lunch.  It’s comfortable and the service is excellent at the Irvine location.

All meat was beautifully cooked and the Sauce options pushed the flavors over the top.  Loved all Chicken and Tri Tip combinations and really like the Garlic Mashed Potatoes too.  We were excited to see the Cartwheel Salad as a choice with the Individual Meals, since the ingredients impressed us, but found the taste to be a little off.  Next lunch stop we look forward to much of the same and more.  They also serve up a lot of Garlic, YUM.