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Observing: If Anyone Deserves A Holiday, It’s Martin Luther King, Jr.

January 17th, 2011 No comments

Observing Martin Luther King Day from coast to coast — I personally respect his tremendous patience.  And in relation to food, MLK makes us think of Milk, as it’s just missing a letter, and Milk Chocolate, a tie in to M&M’s World in New York’s Times Square, where Kids in the Kitchen Chef’s Lexi and Bailee are currently visiting.  They loved all the colors.

They say it’s freezing in New York right now, but we’re observing the holiday in Newport Beach where it’s 74° today — I love New York, but it’s hard to beat Southern California weather.

I also think about MLK by U2 on The Unforgettable Fire, one of the best albums of all time.

And May Your Dreams Be Realized: MLK Day With Pecan Pie.

January 16th, 2012 No comments