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Choices Buffet At Pala Casino Is Beautifully Remodeled And Ready To Treat.

February 18th, 2010 No comments

Pala Casino Buffet 019

Continuing our tour of Casino Buffets, Nibbles of Tidbits recently enjoyed the Lunch Buffet at Choices inside Pala Casino Spa Resort.  We’re not major Buffet fans, but find many of the Indian Reservation Casino Buffets quite impressive and an amazing deal, especially if you join a Player’s Club.  You’ll need to check the details for each Casino, but a free or discounted Lunch or Dinner Buffet is often a perk of joining a Player’s Club.  At Pala Casino, it’s called a Privileges Card — It affords a 20 – 100% discount relative to one’s gambling practices.

Pala Casino Buffet 013

Unfortunately our photos don’t capture the full grandeur of Choices Buffet, thus it’s recommended that you try it yourself.  They offer almost everything you can think of… Seafood, Mexican food, Chinese food, Japanese food, an extensive Salad Bar, fresh Fruit, American favorites, Italian food, every Dessert you can imagine, plus more.  And it’s the first Buffet we’ve seen serve Leg of Lamb during lunch — All you can eat Lamb, shucked Oysters and peel and eat ’em Shrimp is a deal in itself, without mentioning the Ribs, Ham, Turkey, Chicken, Salmon Fajitas, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, etc.

Pala Casino Buffet 015

Pala Casino takes a lot of pride in Choices Buffet and wants its customers to truly enjoy their experience.  It’s well kept, clean, fully stocked and ready to be served.  We found the service and attention to detail remarkable.  They’re excited to present their remodeled Buffet (reopened Memorial Day 2009) and interested in customer feedback.  They want to make Choices the best Buffet in town.

Pala Casino Buffet 008

We’ve learned that Indian Reservation Casino Buffets are relatively progressive (I wish I’d win it) and sophisticated.  Gone are the days of cheap Buffet food — There’s a lot of competition.  Casino Buffets are quite the production, prepared and maintained by a team of attentive chefs and staff.  Food is often presented as art, as shown by the flower carved out of a Watermelon and a dove carved from I’m not sure what.

Pala Casino Buffet 001Pala Casino Buffet 023Pala Casino Buffet 030Pala Casino Buffet 005

As of this date, we think Choices may have the best Desserts seen thus far.  We haven’t found any Buffets lacking Desserts, but we’re extra impressed with the Dessert case pictured directly below.  In addition to offering almost every imaginable Dessert outside the case, those presented below are extra special.  To me, it was like visiting an expensive bakery after the Buffet, whereas you get to pick and eat whatever you want for free.  Elsewhere, each gourmet item may cost $5.  You always want more than you can afford — Here you can just go for it.

Pala Casino Buffet 004

It was hard to narrow down our selection of Choice’s Desserts, but we ultimately decided on the Mango Mousse Tower, Tiramisu Mug and Raspberry Mousse Tower (clockwise below).  We’re not sure of their actual names and describe them by taste and design.  All looked like a work of art. 

Pala Casino Buffet 026

Pala Casino is situated in a valley among beautiful hills — Below is just one view from the deck near the Food Court, close to more dining offered at Pala Casino.  After this visit, we deem Choices to be one of our favorite Lunch Buffets.

Pala Casino Buffet 031

Although not captured in this post, Choices’ design is worth mentioning.  Our Interior Designer (Guest Blogger Bonnie) would have approved.  We particularly liked the giant monitors displayed throughout.  Each had incredible rotating food images to help get you in the mood.  Make sure you bring your appetite to this Buffet.

Note:  We’ll be visiting Casino Pauma’s Buffet in March — Check back for a report on it.

Super Bowl Winnings, Casino Buffets & Beer Quotes.

February 10th, 2010 No comments

Staples Center Dessert Cart

Hip hip hooray, we’re on our way to the Pala Casino Buffet to spend the winnings of Super Bowl Sunday.  It’ll be explained later, but now I’m happy to report a $100 win in a Super Bowl pool, as I luckily did last year.  Is it legal?  I don’t know — Oh well.  In celebration of ALL and because my Dad loves Budweiser, I’ve posted the quotes below.

Beer and Casino Buffets

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

– Benjamin Franklin


“Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza.”

– Dave Barry


“Beer: Helping ugly people have sex since 3000 B.C.”

– W. C. Fields


“Remember I before E, except in Budweiser.”

– Professor Irwin Corey

Coca-Cola Tasting Event At Hotel Erwin’s High Rooftop Lounge.

November 20th, 2009 1 comment

Coca-Cola 013

It’s reported that Coca-Cola’s new aluminum bottle design keeps Coke 15% colder (longer) than a standard shaped can — I’m certainly a fan of that.  Nibbles of Tidbits previously ran a contest and the prize was a case (24) of them.  And since that time, I’ve learned they’re quite the hot commodity.  You’ll never see them in a boring grocery store — They’re way too cool!

Coca-Cola 003

We attended a Coca-Cola Tasting Event at Hotel Erwin in Venice Beach, steps away from the sand.  It was on their High Rooftop Lounge, that’s broken down into stylish pod groupings overlooking the ocean and city.  We missed the sunset, but the city lights were beautiful too.

Coca-Cola 016

At this tasting event, 3 cocktails were made with Coca-Cola Classic®, Coke Zero™ and Diet Coke®, each mixed with a different liquor and served in its respective aluminum bottle.  As common in parts of Europe, drinks are made and served in the same can or bottle.  The bartender at this par-tay mixed the drinks over ice, then funneled them back into the bottles before serving ’em with a straw.  They were strong, but good — We liked the Lemon Chilled the best.

Coca-Cola 014Coca-Cola 007Coca-Cola 006 - Copy

The appetizers were good too — There’s a fabulous Chef at the Hotel Erwin.  My favorite was the Mini Corn Dog on a Stick.  The batter was light and corny-crunchy, and they were served with a Coca-Cola Ketchup Sauce.  All went together well.

Coca-Cola 009Coca-Cola 010Coca-Cola 022

It was fun to meet other bloggers, like Peachhead, Coastal California, The Girl Blogger and their guests.  My Interior Designer guest requested a tour of a couple suites, which added to our overall cool experience — Down to the fun robes in the rooms.

Coca-Cola 024Coca-Cola 028 - CopyCoca-Cola 029

One takes the elevator all the way up, then walks a scenic platform to the High Rooftop Lounge.  This evening we enjoyed appetizers and Coca-Cola’s hottest coldest drinks.  The bottle design is nostalgic and the drinks were served extra cold — Hope you stumble upon them at a hip place soon.

Fantasy Springs Buffet In Indio — So Far It’s Our Favorite Buffet.

November 13th, 2009 3 comments

Fantasy Springs 006

Just went to Fantasy Springs Resort Casino for the day.  It was our second time having their amazing Buffet.  Continuing our tour of local Indian Reservation Casinos and Buffets, so far this one is our favorite.  They seem to offer everything you’d want and all was fresh and delicious during both visits.  This is our first report with photographs.  The Brisket (above) and the Turkey (below) were especially good, perfectly cooked and carved to order.

Fantasy Springs 005

They offer almost every ethnicity and type of food — American, Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Salads, Soups, Fresh Fruit, Grilled Vegetables, Cheese and much more.  We captured a lot, but certainly not all.

Fantasy Springs 004

And almost every Dessert imaginable, Ice Cream, Bread Pudding, Cheesecake, Pies, Cakes, Cobblers, a Chocolate Fountain and more.

Fantasy Springs 020

Fantasy Springs 025

Our lunch this day was only $12.99, which isn’t bad for all you can eat — Unfortunately we could only eat so much.  We wished we could take home doggie bags. 🙂

Fantasy Springs 008Fantasy Springs 009Fantasy Springs 018Fantasy Springs 012

Fantasy Springs 013Fantasy Springs 015Fantasy Springs 010Fantasy Springs 026

Fantasy Springs 021Fantasy Springs 019Fantasy Springs 029Fantasy Springs 022

Below is a photo of only one of our plates — We were stuffed and happy by the time we hit the video poker machines.  And we didn’t do too bad at that either.  Fantasy Springs entertainment line-up is pretty good too.  We learned that Morrissey will be playing there on December 5th and are considering going to that.

Fantasy Springs 024

Check out Nibbles of Tidbits’ Buffet category to see where else we’ve been.  Thumbs up for Fantasy Springs Resort Casino Buffet.

Valley View Casino Buffet In San Diego County.

July 23rd, 2009 No comments


Do you like a good Buffet?  If you join the Player’s Club at Valley View Casino, you’ll receive a FREE Lobster Buffet.  We joined the Player’s Club today and enjoyed a complimentary Lunch Buffet.  Steamed Maine Lobster and Alaskan King Crab is featured on the Dinner Buffet only, and Carved New York Strip (above) is featured during lunch.  Although I would have loved the King Crab Legs, there’s 275 items to choose from otherwise — We captured a few.




The service is good and we were so impressed with this carved Watermelon — It’s the best I’ve ever seen.  I can’t quite figure out where to start to accomplish this.


Buffets are fun, but sometimes the options can be paralyzing — One can only eat so much.  It’s best to have a plan for maximum satisfaction and least waste.  We started with a Salad plate, then an Entree plate, followed by a Dessert plate or two.



TIP:  To avoid a long line, it’s best to arrive at this Buffet right when it opens.  They added more seating, but it gets packed.

Valley View Casino Buffet INFO

MORE Casino Buffets reviewed by Nibbles of Tidbits:  Agua Caliente Casino Buffet in Rancho Mirage

Shorebreak Hotel In The Heart Of Surf City.

June 14th, 2009 2 comments


Nibbles of Tidbits was invited to the Grand Opening Party at the New Shorebreak Hotel in the heart of Huntington Beach (aka Surf City).  It was a pretty hip and happening par-tay, but here we emphasize the fashions of the food.  And must mention the spectacular view of the Huntington Beach Pier and Pacific Ocean — The above photo was taken from one of the hotel rooms.  Surf City accommodations don’t get more ideally located than this.


Our invitation included an amazing Family Style Dinner at Zimzala, the Shorebreak Hotel’s Restaurant.  Their unique and high quality dishes offer your taste buds a flavorful trip through the Mediterranean Sea and beyond. 


As a starter before dinner, we shared a Zimzala Mezze Plate.  Our multi-level serving plates included a Moroccan Carrot Salad, White Bean Salad, Hummus, Cheese Filled Moroccan Cigars and more.  Each item had its own intense flavor.  I’m craving the Carrot Salad as I write this.



Prior to dinner we were greeted at the door with a Glass of Cava and a cute guy holding a plate of appetizers, and then several more which included “real” Crab Meat on Cucumbers (that’s refreshing all around) and Mini Salmon Cakes.  During dinner we were served some of the best Salmon I’ve ever had — I believe it’s Zimzala’s Pan Roasted Wild Salmon.  And I didn’t get a piece, but my friend raved about the Moroccan Chicken Tagine.


For dessert we had the Warm Strawberry Galettes with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, and the Chocolate Ganache, which is uniquely served with Grilled Sourdough Bread, Olive Oil and Sea Salt.  The combination works and it’s fun to try.


Shorebreak Hotel hosted a fabulous Grand Opening Party.  After the appetizers and before the dinner, we enjoyed the BBQ Grilled Shrimp, Lamb and Chicken Skewers in the courtyard.


And one of the Ballrooms was filled with Oven-Roasted Bacon Wrapped Dates (We LOVE ’em), Fingerling Potatoes, Fried Artichoke Hearts and the various Mediterranean Salads we enjoyed at dinner.



In addition to the after dinner desserts we shared, Zimzala set up a dessert room that included Fresh Coffee and my favorite Cookies, Madeleines — These were Lemon and I’m kicking myself for not taking one (or 5) to go.  I was stuffed at the time, but wish I had them now.  And above right are the room goodies offered with the view in the first photo.


As if the above isn’t enough for a successful Grand Opening Party, the Shorebreak Hotel hosted a Fashion Show, Live Band, Acoustic Performances, Simulated Surfing, Wine Tasting and Sand Castle Building.  It was a fun time and the service was excellent.  We like the airy and sophisticated feel of the hotel and would love to go back for more of everything.

Bolded food items are known to be on Zimzala’s everyday menu.

It’s A Party Catered By Jay’s Catering.

May 12th, 2009 No comments


A friend raves about Jay’s Catering and recently had them cater her son’s First Holy Communion celebration.  He specifically wanted Sandwiches and Macaroni & Cheese.  And the Turkey and Roast Beef Sandwiches that were delivered looked just as good and fresh as they do on Jay’s Catering’s website.  Add a Green Salad, Pasta Salad and Fruit Platter, and you’ve got yourself a party.



Along with all was this beautiful Cake that was made with fresh Strawberries and Whipped Cream — It’s from a local Bakery to be linked here soon.  And homemade White and Milk Chocolate Dipped Oreo Cookies were plentiful.  The kids love ’em.

Jay’s Catering DIRECT:

Ikea’s Swedish Meatballs For Lunch.

January 14th, 2009 1 comment

If you work or live near an Ikea Store, you should consider it a worthy place for lunch.  The prices are reasonable, the food is good and the cafeteria environment is a fun escape.  Why not skip the fast food joint and opt for the Ikea Restaurant & Cafe.  It’s fast and roughly the same cost.  I always get the Swedish Meatballs with extra Gravy and Lingonberry Preserves.  I love the combination.  I also buy the frozen (Meatballs), powdered (Gravy) and jarred (Preserves) from their Food Market and make all at home.  It’s an enjoyable quick meal.

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Agua Caliente Casino Buffet in Rancho Mirage.

August 28th, 2008 3 comments

We had the Agua Caliente Casino Buffet for lunch today.  The food was fair compared to two other Casino Buffets we’ve had this year, but the Desserts were tops.  The pictures will give you a taste. 

We liked the Buffet best at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio.  It offered Prime Rib, Carved Turkey, Shrimp, and a great variety of International dishes, Salads and Desserts.  It’s very impressive.  When we hit it everything was fresh.  And the Buffet at Pala Casino Resort & Spa in San Diego County was second runner up.