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CPK In A California Kitchen: BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad.

Everyone I know loves California Pizza Kitchen’s BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad, including myself, especially the Garden Herb Ranch Dressing.  I’ve had CPK’s Cookbooks for a few years now and have made several dishes from them (pre-blog), but hadn’t yet made one of their best Salads, mostly due to the number of ingredients — But since I happened to have Buttermilk on-hand (a rarity and ingredient in the Dressing), I took another look at the recipe and determined it was finally a good time to make it.  I’ve now had this Salad three days in a row.  The recipe makes a lot of Dressing and since all ingredients are finally in the house, I might as well keep enjoying them.  If I close my eyes when I eat it, I’d guess I’m at CPK.  It tastes just like it.  To simplify a little, I use chunks of a Rotisserie Chicken lightly tossed in BBQ Sauce, rather than make the Chicken in their recipe.  It doesn’t seem necessary to capture the full flavor of the Salad.

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