Dave & Buster’s: More Sports, Food & Entertainment For All.

Dave & Buster's 042

Dave & Buster’s for the FOOD would be impressive enough, but no, they’ve got everything.

Globe, Dave & Buster's 105

Step inside to experience entertainment in numerous forms — It’s always fun there.

Dave & Buster's 008

The Eat+Play Combo’s are pretty good deals — Check ’em out before ordering.

Dave & Buster's 011

The Snow Cone with Cherry Vodka and Blue Curacao is a fun drink, though on the sweet side.

Dave & Buster's 009

This visit we ate and played really well together.

Dave & Buster's 016

In the restaurant, before play, we started with the Spinach Dip (above).

Dave & Buster's 044

And then had the Fire Grilled Salmon (top) and Chicken and Shrimp Rockefeller (above).

Dave & Buster's 101

The Dining Room at Dave & Buster’s in Irvine (above) is slated to be remodeled to fit in with recent changes in style and direction — Though I’ve liked it as is, I have confidence in what it might look like next, as D & B’s other transformations have been agreeable.

Dave & Buster's 047

Our food was excellent — The Chicken and Shrimp Rockefeller is especially awesome.

Dave & Busters 001

Cheers to more SPORTS at Dave & Buster’s.

Dave & Buster's 024

Giant screens to watch favorite teams are scattered throughout.

Dave & Buster's 025

Walk and roll your way to fun and games.

Dave & Buster's 027

Pool tables, rooms for private parties, FOOD, Drinks, Sports and Games are to be had.

Dave & Buster's 048

Lots of GAMES to choose from — We had a blast playin’ for tickets to redeem at the…

Dave & Buster's 060Dave & Buster's 065Dave & Buster's 070Dave & Buster's 075

…Winner’s Circle for a variety of PRIZES.

Dave & Buster's 099

Save points and return to add-on more to aim for a top prize, or just see what you can get.

Dave & Buster's 090

It’s a place for adults (especially) and kids alike — Everyone has a good time there.

Dave & Buster's 100

It’s all fun and games until someone loses a tie. 😉

Dave & Buster's 103

Goooooooo Dave & Buster’s!  Thanks for being there for us.

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