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Foodbuzz Tastemaker Review: Special K Fruit Crisps & Low-Fat Granola.

Special K Fruit Crisps

Special K just added a couple new products to their repertoire.  Over the years I’ve enjoyed many boxes of Special K’s Original Cereal, thus opted-in to try their latest products as a Tastemaker for Foodbuzz.  This day four of us gathered together to sample Special K’s Fruit Crisps and Low-Fat Granola.  We reached a consensus regarding one of Special K’s new products and were divided with respect to the other — Our assessment is noted below.

Special K Fruit Crisp BarSpecial K Low-Fat GranolaBowl of Low-Fat Granola

Immediately we ALL fell in love with the Blueberry Fruit Crisps.  They are indeed crispy, light and slightly sweet as reported.  Each pouch of (2) is only 100 calories, which makes for a great health conscious snack.  We’d all buy them next time.  They also come in Strawberry.  And with respect to the Low-Fat Granola we were divided — Two think it’s terrific, one is on the fence and another didn’t care for its after-taste.  Personally I’m a bigger fan of their Original, Cinnamon Pecan, Blueberry and Red Berries Cereals.  Overall, Special K makes a lot of tasty products and we appreciate the opportunity to try their latest.

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