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Happy Mother’s Day Mom! How Come You’re Still Cookin’?

These flowers are found at the Corona Del Mar Farmers’ Market.  I bought different ones for Mother’s Day, but can’t post ’em due to more technical issues with Network Solutions.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  This site is safe and we’ll soon have refreshed permissions to post new photos.  We’re pushing hard to get ALL resolved, cuz we ain’t happy about it either.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom — Sorry you’re cookin’ again.  Last year I wrote the following poem as an entry into an OC Foodies Mother’s Day Contest.  Although I didn’t win, it still applies.

She cooks for me on her Special Day — My Mom’s dishes are delicious, what can I say? For that reason and immeasurable more, there’s no other Mother I could ever hope for. She’s loving, giving and likes to eat, thus OCFoodies’ Mother’s Day Gift would be the BEST treat.

Note: The prize was (10) $50 Gift Certificates/Cards to (10) amazing restaurants.

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