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Jimmy’s Burger Joint Hawaii and Kobe Beef.


Jimmy’s Burger Joint took the place of Carm’s Coneys — I had just got to liking the Dogs at Carm’s Coneys, then all of the sudden it was gone and Jimmy’s Burger Joint was there.  It happened in a flash.  My minimal understanding is that Carm and Jimmy were partners who disagreed on the restaurant’s emphasis.  Jimmy’s Burger Joint majors in Burgers and minors in Dogs, whereas Carm’s Coneys did the opposite.  Aside from that, there are a few menu similarities.


Although we miss the Original Coney from Carm’s Coneys, we think Jimmy’s Burger Joint makes an amazing Burger.  And we specifically love the Hawaii Burger with Teriyaki, Grilled Pineapple, Grilled Onions and Swiss Cheese.


This day we had the Hawaii Burger ($9) and the Kobe Beef Burger ($11).  Both were good, but (again) we prefer the Hawaii Burger and Bun.  The 1/3 lb. Burger size is the same, but we found the Kobe Beef Burger Bun top too thick.  And so far I haven’t been bowled over by any Beef labelled “Kobe” anywhere.


We’d definitely go back for a good Hamburger and we look forward to trying Jimmy’s N.Y.C. Dog, Chicago Dog and Sweet Potato Fries.  We’ll report about them next time.

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