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Marble Rye For A Laugh And As Toast.

It’s a Marble Rye [whose] purchase was inspired by a Seinfeld episode.  We still love Seinfeld and need a laugh as we continue to work with Network Solutions on a few nagging technical issues.  In searching for the above link, we stumbled across a blog named after the famous episode — Very cool, we might have picked that ourselves.  Each morning this week we’ve enjoyed Marble Rye Toast while thinking about Jerry mugging an old lady for a loaf — Shut up y’old bag. 🙂 Next we want to bring a loaf to a dinner party and then take it back when the hosts aren’t looking.

Note: This site is safe, has always been safe and will continue to be safe as we work through current technical issues.  This post is a break from the madness — There’s a lot of interesting reports coming down the pike.

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