Tracy’s King Crab Shack: The Best Alaskan King Crab Bisque In Town.

Crab Bisque 027

From Alaska to California and hopefully back for more — I’ve never been there, but our resident photographer cruised Alaska last year and came back exclaiming he had the ‘Best Crab Bisque’ ever.  It was at Tracy’s King Crab Shack in Juneau and he couldn’t stop talking about it.


I tried to find its recipe online, but could not, thus resorted to having it shipped from Tracy.

Crab Bisque 002

It’s not cheap (mostly due to shipping), but I learned it’s worth it — Wow!  I see now.

Crab Bisque 003

Though not as pretty as when it’s served to you in Juneau, Alaska, it cooked up flawlessly.

Crab Bisque 005

One has the option to add Cream, Milk or Stock — I added Cream, as recommended by Tracy.

Crab Bisque 009

She also suggests a squeeze of Lime at the end — It has generous pieces of King Crab.

Crab Bisque 016

This King Crab Bisque is superb without a Lime squeeze and magnificent with one.

Crab Bisque 021

Tracy’s King Crab Shack was recently featured on Top Chef, as shown in a few TV pics.

Crab Bisque 025

Chef-testants had to quickly create a dish with Tracy’s Crab Legs — The Best Legs in Town.

Crab Bisque 017

Tracy’s King Crab Shack Story and Stovetop Instructions are above.

Alaska 1

Thanks to Matt for the beautiful Alaskan photos and tip on Tracy’s — I’m hooked on all!

  1. Erika
    July 2nd, 2013 at 18:28 | #1

    Im a flight attendant and have many layovers in Juneau. I confess that I have actually picked up trips to Juneau only to feast at Tracy’s Crab Shack. I’ve been going for years and Im so glad its getting the reviews its always deserved! I ate their today. Its amazing.

  2. Jill Russell
    April 22nd, 2013 at 19:18 | #2

    I’m so happy to see other people gush as much as I do about Tracy’s Crab Bisque!! Truly, addictive and beyond superb! It was so cool to see her little establishment on Top Chef. If you are in Juneau, you have to go to Tracy’s!!

  3. April 4th, 2013 at 20:55 | #3

    Hi Bonnie. Yes, it’s awesome frozen and shipped too! I want to ship more to California.

  4. Bonnie
    April 4th, 2013 at 20:36 | #4

    I had the exact same soup at the exact same place on an Alaskian cruise many years ago! I will never forget it. I forget the name of the fjord above but it was awesome too!

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