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Text Box: As a writer, I MOST ENJOY writing about food.  I happen to have considerable knowledge about it.  It’s been my passion for over 25 years.  My appreciation for all things food related is revealed through my writing.

To provide some background, I’ve been lucky enough to win a couple recipe contests.  One of my recipes was published in Bon Appetite and Gourmet Magazines (LINK).  Another recipe was endorsed by Better Homes & Gardens (LINK).  My knowledge in this area continues to grow. 

I would love the opportunity to write for your food related corporation, agency, network, association, or other.  Many tell me I should go into food sales.  When I feel strongly about something, I can generally persuade others to see the same.  I often say…“Give me a good food product and I’ll sell the heck out of it.”

I offer writing services primarily to the food industry, but see below for other interests.  I figure it’s a great way to benefit from the knowledge I’ve gained over the years.  Food & Writing is a winning combination for me (and you).

I have a particular interest in reviewing and writing about food products.  I enjoy reviewing food/cooking/kitchen products to prepare an in-depth assessment.  My attraction started as a Cooking Club of America Member.

I’ve also written numerous restaurant reviews.  One review for a local ‘Restaurant Week’ promotion can be read by accessing the link to the right.  A condensed version (250 Words) was printed in a local weekly newspaper published by the OC Register, also linked to the right.  Plus more restaurant reviews can be read on the ‘Project Samples’ Page.  

Please check back for more Orange County Restaurant Reviews to be published in a Hungry City Guide, put out by Glove Box Guides (LINK).  I’ve written several reviews for Hungry? OC, which is due to be published sometime this year.  More information will be posted after publication.
Text Box: Additional Writing Interests

Just because I love writing about food doesn’t mean I can’t write about anything else.  I CAN!  I enjoy writing about a multitude of topics.  I believe the more one takes pleasure in writing about a particular topic, the better the Copy will be.  
My secondary writing interests are broad and include the following:  

(1.)  Writing about Legal Issues, Politics, Music, Entertainment, Beauty, Fashion, Health, Publishing, Marketing, Fitness, Design, Psychology, et cetera;

(2.)  Evaluating products and/or services to summarize same;

(3.)  Writing demand letters for specific relief;

(4.)  Writing to assist the elderly, and other good causes;

(5.)  Writing fair and truthful political materials;

(6.)  Writing to assist the human race -- To help ALL people;

(7.)  Writing headlines, sound bites, short attention grabbers, etc.

Even if your industry or need isn’t noted above, we’d still like to hear about it.

For more Restaurant REVIEWS, please see
Project Samples Page.



FOODIE Diploma?



Restaurant Review



Condensed Published Review



We’ve got a Food Blog too.  Be sure to check it out for more food related topics and examples.



Rectangular Callout: What’s YOUR industry?  We write about most topics.  See past projects list.  Variety is a very good thing.  Read on...
Text Box: Experience and excitement are infused within this tasty text.  
When passion, knowledge and creativity are mixed, magical things happen.  The Food Industry will benefit from this Copywriter’s Services.

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