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2008 Celebrity Food Show Cake Competition.

It was a Cake Making Competition among culinary students from The International Culinary School at the Art Institute.  The participants represented a few different schools, including Orange County, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Texas. 

The theme was America’s Best.  On this first day of the competition we saw the makings of a Liberty Bell, Luggage, a Hamburger and French Fries, a Stadium, the United States, and a few others we couldn’t make out at the time.

food-show-flowers-yard-house-033.JPG     food-show-flowers-yard-house-007.JPG    food-show-flowers-yard-house-009.JPG

food-show-flowers-yard-house-040.JPG    food-show-flowers-yard-house-052.JPG    food-show-flowers-yard-house-041.JPG

food-show-flowers-yard-house-043.JPG    food-show-flowers-yard-house-044.JPG    food-show-flowers-yard-house-049.JPG

food-show-flowers-yard-house-048.JPG    food-show-flowers-yard-house-055.JPG    food-show-flowers-yard-house-054.JPG

food-show-flowers-yard-house-045.JPG    food-show-flowers-yard-house-010.JPG    food-show-flowers-yard-house-047.JPG

And the winner is…


We didn’t see all the Cakes in final, but do have a picture of the WINNER.  This picture was sent to me by one of its creators, Michael Hadobas, who is coincidentally the one piping the playing cards above.  He did a great job on them.  He and his partner Dorthy Sepcic made the winning Cake.  As you may guess, they’re from The Art Institute of Las Vegas.  Congratulations!

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