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Halloween Cupcake & Cookie Decorating: Priceless Annual Treats.

October 27th, 2014 No comments

Yellowtail, Halloween 008

The true annual treat is spending time with best friends decorating Halloween Cookies, Cupcakes and Candy.  Each year we take home trays and boxes of homemade and hand decorated treats after a fun evening of trickery — It’s quite a funny bunch (below).

Halloween 2014 Friends

I’m truly grateful for all!

Yellowtail, Halloween 015

This year’s decorating ideas are posted here and others from previous years are linked here.

Halloween 025

We’re no design professionals, but have a lot of laughs and the Cookies always taste great.

Halloween Cookies 2014

It’s also possible that you may learn how not to decorate your Halloween Cookies here. 😉

Halloween 026

Halloween Appetizer Idea — Deviled Eggs with Olive Spiders.  You can figure it out.

Halloween 017

Happy Halloween from Nibbles of Tidbits and friends.

We Wish You A Merry Christmas With Cookies And Cupcakes.

December 24th, 2013 No comments

Christmas Cookies 016

Back together again decorating Cookies and Cupcakes in 2013.

Christmas Cookies 014

With the Cookie Gang, minus member taking the photo — We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Christmas Cookies 006

Naked Cookies frosted to become Snowmen, Reindeer, Christmas Trees and more.

Christmas Cookies 010

Happy Birthday Jesus and Happy New Year to you — There’s much to appreciate throughout.

Christmas Cookies 013

Good tidings we bring to you and your kin — Good tidings for Christmas and always.

Happy Thanksgiving: Thankful For Blessings Of Candy Turkeys.

November 28th, 2013 No comments

Oreo Turkey

Oreos, Whoppers, Candy Corn and Reese’s with a little adhesive Frosting anyone?  Recipe.

Public Service Announcement: Honor Thy Mother This Sunday & Always.

May 8th, 2013 No comments

Happy Mom's Day Cookies

I sure appreciate my Mom — I’m reminded to visit and eat on Mother’s Day.  Lucky me.

Mom's Day Cupcakes

I’ll try to be on-time and it’s likely my gift won’t be as stylish as these, so enjoy the photos.

Mom's Day Idea's

And/or create something unique, if so inclined — Pictured instructions for all above are here.

Cinco De Mayo: Cookies, Fruit Palm Trees & Post Margarita Texts.

May 4th, 2013 No comments

Cinco De Mayo Cookies

Happy Cinco de Mayo amigos — Ideas regarding what to make, eat and drink are here.

Cinco De Mayo

I hope not to receive any drunnnnk texts from this dog.  Be on alert. 😉

Cinco De Mayo 3

How about this for a Cinco de Mayo Breakfast?  Assembled Kiwis, Bananas & Tangerines.

Mayan Calendar Confusion: The Oreo Cookie Says Not To Worry.

December 18th, 2012 2 comments


Nibbles of Tidbits adopts the Optimist’s View of the Mayan Calendar.


We plan to toast to it with an Oreo Cookie and a big glass of Milk (or we’ll be dead).

Good Afternoon Little Saigon: Bánh Mì’s, Macarons & Strong Coffee.

November 19th, 2012 No comments

Where can I find the BEST Bánh Mì Sandwich?  Locally all answers lead to Little Saigon.

We collected suggestions, then set out to eat at a few of them in one day.

We started at the Coffee Factory with extra strong Coffees and a Bánh Mì (Thit Nuon).

It’s a BBQ’d Pork Bánh Mì Sandwich that we’d go back for, and the Coffee too.

We were also referred to Paris Patisserie & Boulangerie aka Au Coeur De Paris for Macarons.

It’s formerly known as Le Versailles, I think.

We got a box filled with one of each Macaron flavor to go.

At Tip Top Sandwiches (below) a Chicken Bánh Mì Sandwich on a Croissant was recommended.

There are a couple Tip Top Sandwiches locations off Brookhurst around Little Saigon.

Good, but we liked the Bánh Mì at the Coffee Factory better, though vow to try more.

Also went to Brodard Restaurant for Nem Nuong Cuon and more Macarons (below).

Nem Nuong Cuon are popular Pork Spring Rolls that are wrapped in Rice Paper.

Though a favorite of many, I don’t particularly like Rice Paper over a fried Spring Roll.

And we got another box of Macarons from Brodard to try and compare.

I loved the colors and Macaron flavors at Brodard.

Gorgeous — Never thought to describe a Cookie as gorgeous, but couldn’t stop staring.

We had no complaints about the Macarons — Both boxes were above average.

Without recommendations, it seems impossible for an outsider to know where to go and what to eat in and around Little Saigon.  The above was a good start, but we’re not done searching for the best Bánh Mì and already have other suggestions on a list.  Do you have a favorite?

Trick Or Eat: Halloween Cupcakes And Cookies To Observe The Day.

October 29th, 2012 No comments

More keep landing here to view our Halloween Cupcake and Cookie decorating ideas.

I’ve posted much about it previously — A link to all is here.

Pictured are the latest and hopefully greatest, though certainly not professional samples.

Trick or Eat is adopted from the Trick or Eat Dinner at The Cellar in Fullerton.

Happy Halloween from Nibbles of Tidbits!

Growing up some of the best times were spent trick-or-treating and trading Candy.

Now it’s fun to decorate and give away Cookies and Cupcakes to/from/with friends/family.

The kids love them too — Halloween is a creative time.

Enjoy the possibilities — Eyeballs bring anything to life.

Candy Corn Cookie Wannabes: Cookie Dough Type Is Important.

October 15th, 2012 No comments

They were easy to make, but it seems the Sugar Cookie Dough I used (Pillsbury) isn’t conducive to the recipe shown below and linked here — The Candy Corn Cookies baked up well-formed on the video, but my wannabes didn’t end up as triangularly cute or colorful.

The pictured Cookies didn’t stay triangular and basically baked into blobs.

The wannabes were entertaining to make and not bad to eat, but not what I wanted.

Halloween Cookie Decorating Ideas And Candy Corn Cookies On Video.

October 10th, 2012 No comments

Halloween Cookies — I’ve decorated a lot of them.  Samples (visual only) are linked here, if you’re searching for Halloween Cookie decorating ideas.  This year I’m most excited about the Candy Corn Cookies shown on the Howdini Video above.  They look credible and are so cute.

I’ve added Candy Corn Cookies to my ‘To Make List’ since they’re too easy to make, a bonus.

June’s National Food Holidays: Candy, Papaya, Iced Tea & More.

June 1st, 2012 1 comment

It seems my birthday falls on National Gingerbread Day and almost half the year is over.  I jokingly tell people it’s almost Christmas during January, as time flies by, thus it’s Christmas in June, which makes Gingerbread more appropriate — Hope photo doesn’t suggest implications.

Note: Additional June Food Holiday INFO is here, here and here — A Merry Month to you.

French Macarons By Nicole Lee Fine Chocolates: On Our ‘To Make List’.

May 31st, 2012 No comments

Until I attempt the process of making French Macarons, I enjoy testing the local best.

I haven’t found a French Macaron (around here) that I must have again, thus ordered a dozen from Nicole Lee Fine Chocolates, a company I learned about at the Los Angeles Luxury Chocolate Salon I helped judge last year — So far they are the best I’ve had.  Each unique taste combination is pleasantly identifiable within its respective, delicate, creamy, flavorful Cookie.  The preliminary favorites are Blackberry, Lychee Rose, Passion Fruit and Raspberry.

Next time we’ll try the Vanilla Olive Oil, Rum Raisin and Genmai Green Tea flavors, but can’t be ordering them too often, as they’re not cheap, especially combined with shipping.  To save money and experiment, French Macarons are on the ‘To Make List’ and when it happens I’ll start here, where there’s a collection of helpful tips and information about them.

Pssst… Making Fortune Cookies Is Like Printing Money.

April 24th, 2012 1 comment

What fortune would you write?  I was fairly uncreative, since I made them on a whim.

Though not perfect, from thought to fruition I had Fortune Cookies in 30 minutes.

Most recipes for Fortune Cookies seem to be the same — One of the many I stumbled upon.

And must give a shout out to the SILPAT — It’s perfect for Fortune Cookies (and much more).

RECIPE — While still warm, fold Cookies in half over the fortune, then bend ’em over the rim of a glass (or similar), as blurrily shown (above) to cool.  Voila!  I may add Orange Zest next time.

You will soon receive a large sum of money said my Fortune Cookie.  What?  Is that legal?

Wow it’s right, I did blog about it — Illustration Credit.

There Are More Easter Cookies Where That Came From & Goings On.

April 7th, 2012 No comments

Since I see you searching for Easter Cookie decorating ideas, I’ve posted more here.

And previously published Easter Cookie photos are linked here.

Easter Cookies start out naked, like us.

Dress them how you like — It’s always helpful to see what other Easter Cookies are wearing.

A few ideas are posted here for convenience — Happy Easter!

Pastel colors are best with edible embellishments.

Eggs, ducks, tiaras, flowers, rabbits, carrots, butterflies and sheep are usually the canvas.

Decorate with various Frosting tips for best assortment.

We collect more and more accoutrements each year and our Cookies are looking better.

Cupcake decorating ideas too — We love the ‘hair tip’ with green Frosting for grass.

And if you’re in the OC and want something to do on Easter — Orange  County Foodies provides an event list.  Jesus is the reason for the season, with a side of Cookies and fun!

Searching For Valentine’s Day Cookies In All The Right Places.

February 11th, 2012 No comments

I see you searching for Valentine’s Day ideas and you’re in the right place — Open here.

Food Coloring Series: In The Pink After A Cookie & Weekend Vay-Kay.

January 27th, 2012 No comments

Enjoy the weekend — There’s much to report after a mini vacation.  Have a Cookie.

Holding God’s Hand While Hoping For Peace: White Foods For The Soul.

December 14th, 2011 No comments

It starts off cute, simple and sweet with a melting Snowman Sugar Cookie, or is it sad?

Purity, honesty, clarity, simplicity and love are white, so are Pumpkins, Parsnips and Pigs.

When asked my favorite color, I used to say WHITE, to often hear “white’s not a color.”

Is white a color?

Pearly White French Macarons are so luxurious and seem a joy to lick.

A Clam in Broth is calming and innocent, what it should be, but could be incredibly bland.

Eggs, a versatile ingredient that’s trippy when over-analyzed, like the Meat aisle.

Talent, intuition, cleanliness, transparency and wisdom are cherished gifts in ones short time.

So much is bigger than you and me, let’s just eat, laugh, love and be grateful for all.

I’m unimportant compared to many things, but better off than Bacon — It’s too well liked.

Cheese made from a cow, goat and sheep are shared with bountiful Root Vegetables from soil.

A Picnic in a Vineyard is on a to-do list — Realized someday with a camera Lord willing.

In color a surprise would be clear or white — Yes?!  Though not analogous to above unknowns.

And a white to-go bag for two today — Sometimes it’s just better that way.  Ciao.

The Nutrition Source INFO may be helpful — Be humble, it’s not all about YOU (or me).

Note: Continuing our Food Coloring Series with WHITE — Click color links to see previously posted orange, green, yellow, blue and purple foods.  Next up will be red, black, and then…

Smile It’s As Good As It Looks: La Espiga De Oro Panaderia.

October 12th, 2011 1 comment

Check it out — La Espiga De Oro Panaderia.  Remember what we said about it?  And the verdict is… It’s as great as it looks and relatively inexpensive for the quality and splendor.

All that’s pictured totaled $8.55 — Why not take a box of this to the office instead of Donuts?

There’s a lot more to choose from than what you see here.

This fine Panateria is off 19th and Placentia in Costa Mesa.  Have a nice day!

Searching For Halloween Ideas? We Have ‘Em Linked Here Boo.

October 3rd, 2011 No comments

We see that you’ve been searching for Halloween ideas, thus we’ve gathered our previous posts and linked them here for easy access.  How about some Fruit Punch with skeleton shaped Ice Cubes?  The hands are easily made with rubber gloves filled with water and then frozen, but you’ll need to find a creative cast to make the face.  Do you plan to decorate Halloween Cookies or Cupcakes?  If so, several ideas can be found here, herehere, and here.  Are you looking for the perfect Vodka for your Halloween Party?  How about Dan Aykroyd’s Crystal Head?  Or how about a Trick-Or-Eat Dinner at The Cellar in Fullerton?  We went a couple years ago, though unsure if it’s happening again this year.  We’ll report back about it and other Halloween ideas.  Who’s gonna check me BooHappy Halloween.

Note:  Thanks goes to our Guest Blogger Steven Woo in Washington, DC for the photo.

Kids In The Kitchen: Chef Lexi And Pillsbury’s Funfetti Whoopie Pies.

September 22nd, 2011 1 comment

Chef Lexi of Kids in the Kitchen loves the Funfetti Mix Kits by Pillsbury and recently made their Whoopie Pies for a Pool Party.  They were a hit  — Everyone was excited to see and eat them.  They are much better than the Whoopie Cushions she usually brings to a party.  Thanks Lex.

Katella Deli: A Favorite For Years And Years And Years.

September 21st, 2011 No comments

Katella Deli, Bakery and Restaurant (established in 1964) has been a favorite for a long time, since the South Street Deli days, if you recall it in Los Cerritos Center (aka Cerritos Mall).

Though only the Bakery is captured here, Katella Deli is a quintessential Jewish Deli.

Impressive Bakery too, as shown here.

Wouldn’t it be fun to take a bite out of each!?

They also have a full Bar, a counter, booths and patio, generous portions, excellent Meats, good Cucumber Dressing, fresh Bread, a nice atmosphere, etc.  I’m glad they’re still around.

Cookies and Cinnamon Sugar Bagel Chips are packed to go.

And last, but should be first, I LOVE their Pickles. 🙂

Katella Deli is down the street from the Los Alamitos Race Track, if of interest.

Unknown Blondies N/K/A Award Winning Blondies: The Recipe.

July 19th, 2011 1 comment

Would you believe I just learned what a Blondie is?  It’s like a Brownie without Chocolate.  Did you know that?  Since I’m one of the few people in the world who doesn’t care for Brownies, this year I chose to make Blondies for the Culinary Arts Competition at the Orange County Fair.  Having never made (or ate) one before submission time, I practiced by varying three different recipes to ultimately create the award winning Blondies pictured here.  And it’s a good thing I did, since the first few batches didn’t turn out well at all — Then at last I was happy with the ingredient combination, taste and texture.  Following is the final BLONDIES RECIPE.  It’s a winner, literally.

1 Cup of Flour

1 Teaspoon of Baking Powder

1/2 Cup of Butter (1 Stick)

1/2 Cup of firmly packed Light Brown Sugar

1/2 Cup of firmly packed Dark Brown Sugar

1 Large Egg

1 Teaspoon of Vanilla Extract

1/2 Cup of chopped Pecans

1/4 Cup of Milk Chocolate Chunks (Chocolate Bar rustically cut)

Preheat oven to 350°.  Combine the Flour and Baking Powder in a small bowl.  In a separate bowl, melt Butter and stir in the Light and Dark Brown Sugar until well blended, then whisk in the Egg and Vanilla.  Add the Flour mixture until all is incorporated, then stir in the Pecans and Milk Chocolate Chunks.  Pour batter into a 8 X 8 baking dish and bake until the Blondies are set in the center, about 25 – 30 minutes. Let cool, cut and dig in.

Is It Albino, Icelandic, Lacking Melanin Or Just A Frightened OREO?

May 27th, 2011 No comments

Albino Oreo Cookies modeled by a burglar — But for the name Golden Oreo, he probably wouldn’t have stole ’em and I wouldn’t have bought them.  For $1 a box, I had to try at least one.  And it’s a good quality Sandwich Cookie, but plain.  I prefer its dark, older cousin, Oreo.