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Camp Blogaway 2015: Seventh Annual Camp For Food Bloggers.

May 13th, 2015 No comments


Camp Blogaway 2015-3549

In a beautiful mountain setting with food bloggers from around the country, I learned more about FOOD, food photography, sponsors’ ingredients, food-related careers and food blogging in general.  It was my first time at Camp Blogaway.  I’m glad it’s held in California.  One blogger flew from Morocco to attend, and others I met came from Oklahoma, New Hampshire, Oregon, Idaho, etc.  Those I recall now, but all attendees are linked here.  It was interesting to meet people that do the same things around the world and locally, and other accomplished food industry people.  I appreciated all of it.  Camp Blogaway was a 3-day whirlwind of food-related workshops, tastings, nature walks, and mingling with Wine and Coffee.  Snapshots of my experience are posted below.


I arrived early with Chef Marie, an awesome lady and carpool buddy who made my trip great.

Name Badges

Do you see me?

Setting up Lodge

I assisted with set-up while enjoying the view from the lodge.

View from Lodge Deck

Enlarge photo below to view the 2015 Itinerary.


Wine from Wente was on the itinerary each evening — A Highlight.

Wente Wine

Cheese from Cabot with Wente Wine on the lodge deck was my favorite combination.

Cabot Cheese

I loved the Cheese Ball Pine Cones by Cabot with the Almond Board of California Almonds.

Pine Cone Cheese Ball

I will someday be making a Cheese Ball Pine Cone with Almonds and Rosemary, as shown.

Session Speakers

Session Panel with Lana of Bibberche and Louise of Geez Louise, moderated by Foodie Goes Healthy.

Phil Lempert

Session Panel with the Average Betty who interviews Phil Lempert, the Supermarket Guru, regarding his experiences, knowledge, opinions and expertise, which was informative.

Photo Class

My favorite session was the Natural Light Photo Workshop with Christina Peters.  She’s a great teacher — I learned a couple things, but need to learn more, as indicated by too many photos.

Chef Marie

Chef Marie (above) made tasty North Carolina Sweet Potato Smoothies with Davidson’s Safest Choice Pasteurized Eggs for arriving campers on the first day of camp.  I had several cups.

Chef Marie Books

Chef Marie has written at least 12 books, including the Saint-Tropez Diet, a few are shown above.

Food Line

Though we were a bunch of food bloggers, it was camp and it wasn’t fancy, but everyone was nice.

One Dinner

I tried my first White Sweet Potato (above) from North Carolina Sweet Potatoes and liked it best.

Cabot Cheese

I was in Cabin 5, pictured below.

My Cabin

All preparing to take the annual Camp Blogaway group photo.

Group Photo Prep

Patti Londre, our Fearless Leader, leading the successful way.

Patti Londre

Camp Blogaway happens each May at De Benneville Pines Conference Center in Angelus Oaks.

Camp Info

After Camp Blogaway I asked myself… What is it I want out of food blogging other than opportunities to try food?  I have ideas.  I’d love to sell Shelly Jellies, my award-winning candy someday, or work with a brand I truly believe in, or just keep doing what I’m doing.  All are pretty great.  I cook anything I want and my husband loves it, and we luckily get to try all kinds of FOOD, and only the food-related products we’re interested in.  In other words, I’m content and I’d like more, but to obtain whatever (more) might be requires work and diligence to make it happen.

Watching Angler Chronicles: Smoke Them If You’ve Caught ‘Em Sergio.

March 29th, 2015 No comments

With Sergio of Angler Chronicles

Have you seen Angler Chronicles on FOX Sports West Television?  We’re with its host and accomplished fisherman, Sergio (above) at the annual Fred Hall Fishing Tackle & Boat Show in Del Mar.  He’s a cool dude.  Matt, a state record holding fisherman himself watches Sergio on Angler Chronicles every week and now I will too.  The show brings viewers to the best wide open, fresh water and salt water sportfishing action on the west, including Southern California, Mexico, British Columbia, Alaska and Panama.  We’d love to fish with Sergio and the gang sometime.

Matt & Sergio

Matt quickly showing Sergio his state record so not to be too much of a geek.

Smoking FishTrout on Smoker      Smoked Trout

The Angler Chronicles gang needs RECIPES — As Matt and possibly I catch more Fish, more recipes will be developed.  Until then, smoke them if you’ve caught them, as there’s not much better than fresh Smoked Fish.  I recently smoked Rainbow Trout caught from Irvine Lake by a neighbor. After about 4 1/2 Hours of smoking with Hickory and Mesquite Wood Chips, every Trout no matter size was moist, smoky and cooked perfectly throughout (before smoking above left/after above right).

TIPS: Stuff the inside of most whole Fish with foil to have the Fish set/swim upright on the grill, so you won’t need to turn them and they’re less likely to stick to the grill.  Keep the Fish covered with smoker or grill lid.  Maintain water in the pan above the heat and keep all smoking by adding coal and soaked and dry wood chips when necessary.  Tips are good, but each smoker is different.

RECIPES: Several recipes using Yellowtail are linked here.  Keep checking Fish & Shellfish for more.

The Original Bootcamp For Food & Recipe Bloggers: Camp Blogaway.

March 14th, 2015 No comments


Adventure and Food -- Calico Ghost Town

Oh boy, I’m actually going to Camp Blogaway this year.  It’s already paid for.  No turning back now. It happens in Southern California so I have to attend at least once.  I’ll learn a few things I’m sure, enjoy the outdoors, and probably have a lot of fun, but it’s a bit uneasy setting out for it alone. Overall, adventure combined with food, and the topic of food prevails — I’m looking forward to it.

Photo from Calico Ghost Town, not Camp Blogaway this May — See what will be included there.

Il Garage Near The Garden At Park Avenue In Stanton Off Beach.

April 7th, 2014 No comments

Il Garage (Park Avenue) 051

It’s Il Garage (il garage ristorante) and it’s set back within/behind Park Avenue Restaurant in Stanton off Beach Blvd. — It’s a separate dining spot on the beautiful grounds of Park Avenue.

Il Garage (Park Avenue) 001

We ate at Park Avenue Restaurant — It’s reported here.  This day we were in the garage. 😉

Il Garage (Park Avenue) 011

I’m not sure if it really once was a multi-car garage, but it looks like it, tractor and all.

Il Garage (Park Avenue) 012

The view of Park Avenue’s famous Garden from our seat couldn’t be beat.

Il Garage (Park Avenue) 044

The Il Garage Ristorante menu changes daily and is dependent on their gardens.

Il Garage (Park Avenue) 047

Our favorites were the Cavatappi Primavera (below), utilizing many vegetables from the PAG.

Il Garage (Park Avenue) 049

And the Orange Panna Cotta — Truly the best Panna Cotta we’ve had in our lives (below).

Il Garage Panna Cotta

It had so much flavor — Cheers to that (and our Two Year Anniversary).

Il Garage (Park Avenue) 038

Enter the PAG — Park Avenue Garden through here (below).

Il Garage (Park Avenue) 027

The PAG is a dream garden, with raised beds and trees growing everything you’d want to eat.

Il Garage (Park Avenue) 018

I think I’d want to live here.

Il Garage (Park Avenue) 024

You’re free to roam the gardens, no matter where you dine.

Il Garage (Park Avenue) 030

My husband, Matt is looking through the weather protectant, plastic drop, near the tractor.

Il Garage (Park Avenue) 034

Nice to receive a $100 Gift Card as a Wedding Gift that can be used at either restaurant.

Il Garage (Park Avenue) 057

It’s not in the best neighborhood, but once inside you forget about it — A good thing.

Il Garage

We plan to go back to both for Dining & Cocktails, as suggested.

Having Our Cake & Eating It Too: Quick Wedding Recommendations.

March 12th, 2014 No comments


We’re still looking back fondly while settling in.  Did you see our Wedding Cake?  It was perfect!  Not only did it look cool, but it tasted great too.  We highly recommend Creative Cakes and a few other superb wedding vendors noted and linked herein.  Check them out.


These photos and hundreds of other amazing ones were taken by Tremble Media.  We love them all and the professional Wedding Video they shot and edited for us.  They captured it all.


The Turnip Rose Promenade & Gardens was the BEST venue for us and people are still talking about the FOOD.  We appreciate so much about them — Quality, service, beauty, etc.


And Photo Booth On Wheels did a great job too — Nice people run it.


And mustn’t forget the Most Fabulous DJ around — Andy Nation.  Wow!  He’s an awesome, organized, professional person to work with and did an excellent job at our wedding.


Everything was lovely, seamless, tasty, entertaining and pleasantly memorable THANKS to all.


We’d DO it all again the same way.  Thank you!

The Taste Awards At The Vibiana: Yes We’re RED-dee To Eat More.

January 19th, 2013 No comments

Taste Awards 078

At the 4th Annual Taste Awards with Cat Cora, an award presenter and recipient.

Taste Awards 047

This year I was one of numerous Judges — Award Winners were announced in December.

Taste Awards 053

Medals were handed out at The Taste Awards Ceremony at the Vibiana this January evening.  Flipping Out won for Best Home Decor and Design Program, as represented by Jenni (above).

Taste Awards 036

P. Allen Smith presented a few awards — A fine fellow we just met.

Taste Awards 046

All went well, no one slipped or tripped, but the sound could’ve been better.

Taste Awards 034

The Vibiana is grand and gorgeous — Inside it glowed in RED, pink and purple.

Taste Awards 016

Outside there was little food — We liked what we ate, but hoped for more.

Taste Awards 070

Can you guess the meat?

Taste Awards 071

It’s Goose for Goose Tacos — Plain looking and simple as can be, yet quite tasty.

Taste Awards 072

Above is a Potato/Chorizo appetizer of some sort from the Idaho Potato peeps.

Taste Awards 074

Plates with a hole for a drink glass (above) may be cooler than the people below.

Taste Awards 009

Champagne? Tequila? Thanks for offering.

Taste Awards 029

Too much Tequila for our Idaho Potato Guy — Had to chill on the bench for a while.

Taste Awards 075

Below:  Me on stage pretending to present an award after the show was over, and with my friend Michelle, pretending others are taking pictures of us — In between are Caramels by Amella and the address of the Vibiana.  Thanks for the invitation.  It was a good experience.

Taste Awards 076Taste Awards 006Taste Awards 025Taste Awards 079

I’m hungry, but happy.  Tommy’s or Pink’s sounds good.

Progressive Dinner On The Queen Mary: A Night To Remember Better.

September 19th, 2012 No comments

Oh what a night, early September back in ’33 — As I recall it ended much too soon.

We stepped back into the 1930’s for a Progressive Dinner on the Queen Mary — A delight!

It started in the Observation Bar with Canapés and Specialty Drinks, progressed to Chelsea’s Chowder House & Bar for Appetizers and more Specialty Drinks, then continued at Sir Winston’s Restaurant for a most incredible Dinner with Wine, and concluded in the Tea Room for Dessert, Coffee and Digestifs.  The MENU is posted above — Enlarge for a better view.

In the Observation Bar we joined fellow Food Bloggers and various media peeps for Canapés.

Cheese, Figs, Cherries, Almonds, Pomegranate, Honeycomb and Lavosh.

We liked the Brie & Kiwi Canapé best, but mostly anticipated the rest.

My scarf matched our first Specialty Drink called a Purple something?!  Don’t ask too many questions, as some things became purple-hazy progressively.  Each drink was just so pretty.

Pay no attention to the woman behind the purple, she’s excited to explore the Queen Mary.

On to Chelsea Chowder House & Bar with Stasha of Coastal Food & Wine and several others.

Stop two of four for sophisticated appetizers and new colorful drinks.

A favorite was the Bass Ale Braised Short Ribs with Caramelized Shallots and Natural Jus.

Also pictured, the Maryland Style Crab Cake Slider and Truffle Fries.

Chef Todd Henderson made all shown and described on the menus above — Thank you!

View on the way to Sir Winston’s Restaurant, stop three and having an amazing time.

Up the stairs for the best yet to come.

Tables set in a historic place for a refined meal amongst the most discerning.

I wanted to do it all again, before the first bite of Beef Wellington — Oh what a meal.

Truffle Sauce, Sea Scallops and Wild Mushroom Chevre Strudel (with my sweetie Freis), oh my.

And it was on to the Tea Room for Dessert and farewells.

It was hard to pace myself throughout, as I wanted everything available at each stop.

Bravo and thank you very much — Nothing lacked this evening but my capacity.

It was an honor to be aboard the Queen Mary and nice to meet Commodore Everette Hoard.

He knows a great deal about the ship — Say hello to him onboard.

Share Our Strength’s Taste Of The Nation At Montage Laguna Beach.

May 10th, 2012 No comments

Invited by a friend for my birthday, I’ll gladly be attending and reporting about the farm to table gourmet tastes prepared by celebrity chefs at Share Our Strength’s Taste of the Nation at Montage Laguna.  I’m ready to sip on wine, watch the sun set over the ocean, listen to live music, and bid on “fabulous” auction items to help end childhood hunger.  Eat so all may eat.

Pictured ingredients are from another Share Our Strength event — See you in Laguna.

A Season Of Foodie Events To Inaugurate The Golden Foodie Awards.

May 3rd, 2012 No comments

Nibbles of Tidbits hopes to be at The OC’s “Golden Foodie Awards” and looks forward to a Summer of foodie events leading up to it.  We hope to be everywhere that’s happening to report about it — Please see the press release below:

Orange County Welcomes the Inaugural Golden Foodie Awards September 30
A Season of Local Foodie Events Lead Up to the Glamorous Culinary Awards Show
Orange County is pleased to present the 2012 Golden Foodie Awards. The inaugural red carpet culinary awards show will celebrate the best in local food, restaurants and chefs. The Golden Foodie Awards season will launch in June with a calendar of special foodie events at restaurants and venues throughout the county leading up to the main Awards night gala on Sunday, September 30, 2012 at The Fairmont Newport Beach. “Food unites us all,” comments Pamela Waitt, Creator of the Golden Foodie Awards and President of the OC Restaurant Association. “So we wanted to honor that unity with a season long grand celebration of everything culinary.”
Honoring food, passion and glamour, the Golden Foodie Awards will recognize culinary excellence in 30 categories. 6 Best Restaurant Categories will include Best Mexican, Italian, Seafood, Sushi, Indian and Vegetarian. 4 Cuisine Categories span Best French, Asian, Mediterranean, Californian and American. 8 Best Specialty Menu Item Awards will be honored in the Categories of Best Steak, Burger, Pizza, Taco, Dessert, Wine List and Beer Menu. 11 Additional Special Award Categories will honor, Excellence in Service, Best Chef, Pastry Chef, Food Truck, Happy Hour, Mixologist, Cocktail, Food Writer or Blog, Restaurant Design, Restaurant Branding and Student Competition Category the Next Best Chef Presented by The Art Institute of California, Orange County.
Award category nominees are selected by public votes. Foodie fans can vote for their favorite chef, restaurant and dish online at beginning July 1st through September 1st. Foodies can also vote via Smartphone by downloading the free Golden Foodie Awards app courtesy of Iconosys from the website.
During the nominee-voting season, “The Golden Dine Out” will take place August 5th through 31st. Orange County restaurants in each Award Category will be participating in the month long dining event, creating specialty “Golden Dine Out” menus at affordable prices to encourage the public to enjoy a meal out and vote for their favorite restaurant in the Golden Foodie Awards. The list of restaurants participating in The Golden Dine Out will be available at
3 final nominees in the various Golden Foodie Award Categories will be announced weekly online at during Golden Dine Out month. The Golden Foodie Awards Guild will select the final winners of the Categories… Excellence in Service, Best Chef and Pastry Chef. The public will select the winners in all other Award Categories. The Guild is comprised of respected star restaurant and industry professionals.
Advance tickets to the Golden Foodie Awards event on September 30th are $150 and will go on sale July 1st. August 1st ticket prices will increase to $250. At the event, a red carpet arrival leads guests to interactive culinary stations presenting an overwhelming array of the best in food and cocktails covering the savory, sour, salty, sips, sweets and sexy sensory. Then guests will be seated for more specialty desserts and libations while enjoying the Awards Ceremony intermixed with live music and entertainment throughout the evening.
Stay connected with the Golden Foodie Awards through the exciting season of food, community and culture to stay up to date on the participating restaurants, nominees, announcements and fabulous culinary events.

Pinterest Interest Pinnacle: The Superbowl Of Appetizer Platter Ideas.

April 29th, 2012 1 comment

After seeing traffic resulting from Nibbles of Tidbits / I Need Text Company pins, especially from this post, I joined Pinterest.  In honor of our most popular pin, oddly a fake appetizer platter, we present the Super Platter (above), which looks to be real.  Pin this.  Photo credit.

Behind, In Front & Within The Scene: ICBINB! Wins Best Undergarment.

March 1st, 2012 2 comments

Food styling at the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!Toast to the Red Carpet – Live” event.

Behind the scenes with Food Bloggers on Oscar day at Siren Studios in Hollywood —  Cool stuff.  I had the pleasure of meeting the talented and nice people behind Food Flirt, The Duo Dishes, In Erika’s Kitchen, Run Eat RepeatRockin’ MamaRomy Raves and ICBINB!

All dishes on set were made with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! and the RECIPES are HERE.

A Toast to the Red Carpet by ICBINB! with Molly Sims, Carson Kressley and Brooke Burke.

Before show on set (above), and during the show in the Fantastic Suite at the W Hollywood.

Siren Studios wait area or S for Shelly — Hhhmmmm.

Leaving studio on the way to the W, just a couple blocks away.

The W Hollywood — I love its style.  More about it by Bonnie, after the Giveaway (below).

In the Fantastic Suite with Lifestyle and Food Bloggers — Thanks to ICBINB!

A Champagne toast in the mirror and the option of Toast with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!

I enjoyed Toast and all dishes developed by Katie Lee using ICBINB!

More information about the dishes and RECIPES are HERE.

My favorite was the Pineapple Upside Down Cupcakes pictured above.

Added to all from the W were Kobe Beef Sliders (above).

Off the Fantastic Suite was an outdoor lounge set with Beer, Wine, Champagne and Sodas.

And Celebrity Makeup Artist, Terri Apanasewicz was there to give expert advice — Thanks!

And beyond the outdoor lounge was another patio across the street from the Pantages.


If you got through all that and still want to be entered into a DRAWING to WIN a classy Ralph Lauren Serving Tray, (4) Champagne Glasses, Wine Charms and decorative Butter Knife, do (1) of these things before March 8th ends PST.

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We’ll draw (1) name from all entries and notify him/her/you on March 9th with a CONGRATULATIONS!  You may enter once a day via any means noted above.  If you already Like Nibbles of Tidbits on Facebook (and probably don’t, hahaha), a subsequent comment there or here will count as an entry.  Good luck and thanks ICBINB! Peeps.

Local Cuisine: The OC’s Best Restaurants Chosen By Local Experts.

January 25th, 2012 No comments

Have you visited Local Cuisine?  It’s an excellent resource to find the best restaurants in Orange County.  Search by restaurant name, cuisine type, city, zip code, or browse its specially selected list — Featured restaurants are voted on and off the Local Cuisine list by Local Experts, and I’m humbled to be one of them.  Our first meeting took place at The Playground.  Be sure to keep an eye on Local Cuisine for the latest and greatest restaurant additions and list of local food-related events, and create a profile and write a review, if you so choose.

Photo: Paté from Pescadou Bistro during Newport Beach Restaurant Week — More here.

The Playground: You Had Me At Your Name, Now It’s The Passion.

January 23rd, 2012 2 comments

The Playground, what a find.  I knew I’d like a restaurant named The Playground.  It’s in Santa Ana off 4th and Spurgeon, near the Plaza Fiesta.  A group of us recently met there for an amazing Champagne Brunch, and spent time with its passionate Owner and Executive Chef Jason Quinn, who loves what he does and only offers the best — Impressive food and team.

Fresh, sophisticated, quality ingredients combined simply for superb flavor seems to be the focus.  And they don’t skimp on the aesthetics, as you see, the food is beautiful too.

Unfortunately I didn’t capture all well enough, but the posted photos start with Wagyu Beef.

On to an artistic Soft Shell Crab Roll and Wild Boar Belly (both shown above).

Benton’s Ham is added to many tasty dishes and is out of this world alone.

The Playground’s MENU will vary, as creativity and enthusiasm overflow.

Breakfast Hash with Brussels Sprouts above and a special Short Stack below.

A bowl of the freshest Shellfish with Whole Shrimp hangin’ out — Nice Broth.

Thanks for the Oysters too — Tasted freshness over and over again.

Unique offerings of Beer and Wine are available at the Bar or anywhere inside.

We met at The Playground as a fortunate group of Local Experts for Local Cuisine.

I’ll soon spotlight Local Cuisine to note the cool things about it, after the Cinnamon Roll.

Nibbles Of Tidbits Sponsored By I Need Text Company.

November 26th, 2011 No comments

We pause for a moment of branding — For information regarding Freelance Writing Services, please visit I Need Text Company or feel free to send an inquiry through Nibbles of Tidbits.  The special of the day will always be FOOD, but ANY TEXT can be served up hot.  Thank you.

Orange County Food Blogroll In Service. Orangen’t You Glad.

November 2nd, 2011 2 comments

My favorite flavor is probably Orange — It’s what I choose most in everything.

And I’m currently based in Orange County, made known in About and About the Writer.

In addition to cooking adventures, mishaps, discoveries and more, Nibbles of Tidbits posts about Orange County events, restaurants, happenings, living, and everything food related.

To enhance all, an Orange County Food Blogroll is set apart — Met a few about town.

Peel open the OC with the list of Orange County Food Blogs linked on the right.

Orange Art — How to make Orange Guy.

Lovin’ these photos — Thanks and credit go here, here, here, here and here.

It’s Possible To Love The Other: Memphis At The Santora I Do.

October 28th, 2011 No comments

It was a Crawfish Boil tasting at Memphis at the Santora that got me there.

I’m akin to Memphis in Costa Mesa and now dig its cousin in Artist Village.

Have you tried Crawfish?  I hadn’t until this day — Had been a bit apprehensive for some reason, but was invited to Memphis at the Santora for a Crawfish Boil Tasting.  It was time.

Crawfish to be continued — Keen on abundant outdoor patio seating and alluring designs.

Also like its colors and unique curves.

Enchanting outdoor and indoor lighting abounds curled puffy booths, benches and a Bar.

Back to the Crawfish — Food Bloggers were invited to a Memphis Crawfish Boil.

We sat down communal style to partake in a Crawfish Boil by Executive Chef Diego Velasco.

Bloggers (est. 20) sat inside and outside with Brut and Dixie ready for the Crawfish.

Top that paper, grab another Dixie, pour more Brut and allow for photos.

My continued interest in photographing Bloggers photographing FOOD.

Finally tried Crawfish, but just couldn’t suck out its brains and found nearby flavors liver-ish.

Had ’em with Corn Bread Muffins, Corn on the Cob, Smoked Sausage, Potatoes and Beignets.

The Memphis Crawfish Boil is currently available to you — Dig in and start crackin’.

Our table included writers of the New Santa Ana Blog, Greer’s OC, Wandering ChopsticksGourmet Pigs and Great Taste Magazine, and yielded several bowls of shells.

Overall, it was fun to commune over the Louisiana style meal, but don’t need a lot of Crawfish in my life.  Though entertaining, it’s messy work for diminutive meat.  We favored the juicy Smoked Sausage and fell for Memphis at the Santora, its building and peeps.  It’s cool.

Zimzala, A Perfect Segue To Segway Tours In Huntington Beach.

September 17th, 2011 No comments

A Segway Tour of Huntington Beach purchased through Groupon ended up better than expected — The price was right, the process was seamless and riding a Segway is a blast, though I admit to being a little scared at first.  Now I wanna be a Mall Cop.  Is that joke over played in Segway circles?  Zimzala Restaurant & Bar is the post segue in that it’s FOOD related, we’ve enjoyed many great meals there (some pictured, others are here), Zimzala is also BUDS with GW Tours and HB Segway Tours offers a Segway/Zimzala Combo Tour.

We got to ride the Segways on hard and soft sand, along streets near downtown HB, on the beach path, over grassy hills, and up and down ramp ways — A fun variety of terrains.

Zimzala Salmon above, zigzagging on a Segway in HB below.

A bonus surprise of the day was running into Jack, a former co-worker, friend whom I haven’t seen in 20+ years — He happens to be Mr. HB Segway now.  Super cool.  He’s still a funny guy and provides a well run, entertaining tour experience that starts at 120 PCH in HB.

I went on the Segway Tour at the suggestion of Bonnie Joy Designs, friend and OC Interior Designer, who called out the homophone / heterograph, “segue” of the event.  Comprende?  If not look it up, as I just learned how to spell segue and ride a Segway, though ready again.

Segs on the Beach — Contact Jack and them for all the details.

View from Zimzala.

The Great Fundraising Act: Online Blogger Auction & Bake Sale.

July 12th, 2011 No comments

It’s a beautiful thing to see FOOD Bloggers and others rally together to help another in need.  I haven’t met Susan, but I’m touched by the organization and Blogger participation to help her overcome cancer — Kick its ass Susan!  And the rest of YOU can (and should) buy something tasty during the Online Bake Sale, or something cool at the Online Auction.  Both happen on July 25, 2011, so mark your calendar.  Numerous Food Bloggers and companies across the United States and Canada will be donating the goods and all proceeds will help Susan win.  Here’s the link to more information.

If You’re Into It: Nibbles Of Tidbits Is FoodBlog On Twitter. You Follow?

March 18th, 2011 No comments

Nibbles of Tidbits, Shelly Borrell is on Twitter as FoodBlog — Our last five tweets, so they’re called, are always posted here (below on the right).  FYI: I’m not that into it and frankly think Twitter is a bit overrated, but it does have its benefits.  A presence is necessary to participate in some events/happenings and it comes in handy while traveling to meet up with groups.  The Carrot is poker-faced about the idea, but if you’d like to follow us, see here.

Are You Part Of The Foodbuzz Festival Collage? Do You See Waldo (Us)?

November 20th, 2010 No comments

Are you part of the Foodbuzz Blogger Festival collage?  If you’re a Food Blogger and attended the San Francisco event, and remember your mug shot with badge being photographed, you’re most likely pictured in Casey’s collage.  Casey of Eating, Gardening & Living in Bulgaria created a collage of 200+ participants, along with the respective blog and Twitter names for each.  Wow — That was a lot of work and now an excellent reference of the event.  Thanks!

Blogger Festival Wrap Up In 3-2-1: Breakout Sessions At The Drake.

November 11th, 2010 2 comments

Before being spoiled at the Tasting Pavilion at the Metreon in San Francisco, most Foodbuzz Blogger Festival attendees participated in Morning Breakout Sessions/Seminars at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel, conveniently taking place down the elevator from my 19th floor room.  During my first session, panelist Lick My Spoon, Kitchen Corners and Carrots N Cake talked about blogging success and what it means to each of them — Interesting and diverse points of view.

Mary Sue Millikin prepared Fish Tacos during the ‘Great Catch’ session presented by Alaska Seafood.  Food Bloggers got to make their own Fish Tacos at the Taste Pavilion that later followed.

It was fun watching the Food Bloggers edging to get the best photos — Some were right up in the Salmon’s face.  I’m sure many produced better photos than these, but I liked my seat.

During my last session, Chez Pim, Rhodey Girl Tests and Food Wishes talked about Video Blogging — Moderated by Krissy Wall.  Food Wishes offered great tips and was pretty funny too.  After all ended at noon, 350 Food Bloggers hiked it down to the Tasting Pavilion, reported about in (2) of the 3-2-1 Blogger Festival Wrap Up.

The Saturday Night Gala Dinner At The Grand Ballroom, Ferry Building.

November 8th, 2010 1 comment

There’s so much to write about and too little time with the busy work week ahead (and now have a cold).  Back from San Francisco and a giant box of goodies to arrive soon via Fed Ex — Had to ship it all back to avoid the heavy luggage fee imposed by United Airlines.  It’s truly gouging (12lbs. over = $100).  Excessive, yes, no?  I’ll be addressing a few issues with United and will report more when their response is received.  That experience was a bummer, but I otherwise had a crazily stufted time participating in the non-stop eating fest with 350 Food Bloggers from all over.  The farthest traveler came from Bulgaria to attend the Second Annual Foodbuzz Bloggers Festival.  I’ll be linking to all the talented Food Bloggers I had the pleasure of meeting and can’t wait to try the interesting products that are on the way.  Thanks for all Foodbuzz!

Welcome Reception At The Second Annual Foodbuzz Blogger Festival.

November 6th, 2010 No comments

Only posting a few photos throughout the weekend, but will later post a full report of the festivites including links to the many amazing bloggers I met throughout.  Currently on food and fun overload, but ready for the Saturday Night Gala Dinner to begin in a few hours.

Frog Hollow Farm Pears and more on every table.

More unedited Welcome Reception photos.

Viking Gumbo — Vegan or Non-Vegan options.

The Food Network was there filming a segment on Cupcakes — That’s all I know for now.

Endless Cupcakes, food and bloggers this evening and more to come — OMGosh.