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Does My Blog Look Good In This Photo Contest.

January 11th, 2009 No comments

Does My Blog Look Good In This (“DMBLGIT”) is a monthly food photography contest initiated in 2005 by Spittoon.  It’s now hosted by a different food blog each month.  The submission criteria requires that the photograph be published on a blog the previous month — My January submission appeared on Nibbles of Tidbits in December.  The competition is always stiff, but I hope to win sometime.  So far this month I have a chance, but entries are being accepted until January 20th.  We’ll see what happens.

Check out ALL entries here below — Mine is photograph #9.

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Holiday Bison At The Bungalow In Corona Del Mar.

December 26th, 2008 No comments

The Bungalow Restaurant in Corona Del Mar is quaint, romantic, friendly and provides great service.  Almost too much service this visit, but way better than none.  I’d go back over and over again.  Here’s one of their December Specials, Bison Steak topped with Foie Gras and a Lingonberry Sauce.  It was a beautiful and tasty combination, perfectly cooked and not gamey.

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DMBLGIT January Contest Entry: