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A Taste Of Freedom In Downtown Fullerton: Restaurants Re-Opening.

We sure have missed dining out. I love to cook, but greatly appreciate the opportunity to dine out. It’s Memorial Day 2020 and hopefully this Covid-crap will soon be done for good. It’s time to support our local small businesses. They have suffered greatly. Today we walked around downtown Fullerton looking for any restaurant where we could dine in and happily we found a few. Things are starting to look up. We toasted to freedom and veterans at three small businesses today.

Our first stop was D’Vine — We were served on their patio. What a treat!
D’Vine’s Cocktails — Mediterranean Mojito (left) and The Sahara (right).
Cold D’Vine Mezza — Hummus, Baba Ghanoush, Turshi & Salad at D’Vine.
Drinks at Joe’s Bar – This photo was taken through the window outside.
Last, we dined at Garcia’s South of the Border Cantina & Grill. It’s a new restaurant on Commonwealth that took the place of Wreckless. Unfortunately, Wreckless closed earlier this year. Fortunately, Garcia’s food and service are very good.
Shrimp Ceviche at Garcia’s. Impressive. We loved their Chips & Salsa too.

We value the freedom to dine and drink at each of these fine establishments today. We look forward to supporting more small businesses as they re-open. They are going to need our support. Plus, I can’t make all this great food at home. We hope and pray for the best for all.

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