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Zimzala, A Perfect Segue To Segway Tours In Huntington Beach.

September 17th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

A Segway Tour of Huntington Beach purchased through Groupon ended up better than expected — The price was right, the process was seamless and riding a Segway is a blast, though I admit to being a little scared at first.  Now I wanna be a Mall Cop.  Is that joke over played in Segway circles?  Zimzala Restaurant & Bar is the post segue in that it’s FOOD related, we’ve enjoyed many great meals there (some pictured, others are here), Zimzala is also BUDS with GW Tours and HB Segway Tours offers a Segway/Zimzala Combo Tour.

We got to ride the Segways on hard and soft sand, along streets near downtown HB, on the beach path, over grassy hills, and up and down ramp ways — A fun variety of terrains.

Zimzala Salmon above, zigzagging on a Segway in HB below.

A bonus surprise of the day was running into Jack, a former co-worker, friend whom I haven’t seen in 20+ years — He happens to be Mr. HB Segway now.  Super cool.  He’s still a funny guy and provides a well run, entertaining tour experience that starts at 120 PCH in HB.

I went on the Segway Tour at the suggestion of Bonnie Joy Designs, friend and OC Interior Designer, who called out the homophone / heterograph, “segue” of the event.  Comprende?  If not look it up, as I just learned how to spell segue and ride a Segway, though ready again.

Segs on the Beach — Contact Jack and them for all the details.

View from Zimzala.

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