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Pssst… Making Fortune Cookies Is Like Printing Money.

What fortune would you write?  I was fairly uncreative, since I made them on a whim.

Though not perfect, from thought to fruition I had Fortune Cookies in 30 minutes.

Most recipes for Fortune Cookies seem to be the same — One of the many I stumbled upon.

And must give a shout out to the SILPAT — It’s perfect for Fortune Cookies (and much more).

RECIPE — While still warm, fold Cookies in half over the fortune, then bend ’em over the rim of a glass (or similar), as blurrily shown (above) to cool.  Voila!  I may add Orange Zest next time.

You will soon receive a large sum of money said my Fortune Cookie.  What?  Is that legal?

Wow it’s right, I did blog about it — Illustration Credit.

  1. April 26th, 2012 at 08:33 | #1

    how funny – my very first film i played a girl who wrote fortunes for a cookie company. we shot in a factory and i had them fresh from the conveyer belt.

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