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3-Thirty-3 Waterfront Restaurant View & Food.


This day we discovered the impressive interior and food at 3-Thirty-3 Waterfront Restaurant.  We especially liked the Gourmet Sliders and the stylish, spacious booths overlooking the Newport Beach Harbor.  And soon they’ll be starting construction on an outdoor patio.  They’ve got a great menu and view.


Our experience couldn’t have been better, but I’m cheerless that I had to rely on a friend’s camera with a weakening battery to convey it.  Above are the best of the captured photos that don’t show what you have to see — The Filet Mignon Bruschette, Gourmet Slider Combination Platter, and the Bourbon Street Bread Pudding.  We thought all were superb in real life.

The Gourmet Slider Combination Platter serves (1) each of (7) Gourmet Sliders offered at 333 Bayside & PCH — It includes Ground Angus Beef, Lump Crab Cake, Filet Mignon, Grilled Chicken, Blackened Ahi, Pulled Pork and California Cheese Sliders.  And it was so much FUN trying 1/2 of each, especially in this beautiful setting with a great friend. 

I want to do it again, but I better save up since the Slider platter is $49.  The prices are on the higher side, but the food quality appears to keep up, and then there’s the view and decor.  It was worth it.

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