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A Colorful Breakfast Inside and The Forest Outside.

It’s half a homemade Waffle with Boysenberry Syrup and fresh cut Strawberries made by ‘Kids in the Kitchen’ while visiting Lake Arrowhead.  It was a colorful breakfast, but sadly the forest outside is badly burned. 🙁

Almost one year ago, a family cabin in Lake Arrowhead, California almost burned down.  If you recall, it was reported on the news in late October 2007 — There was a big fire in Lake Arrowhead and surrounding parts of the mountain.  One fire burned all the way up to the back of my Sister’s cabin. 

We had heard that most cabins on our street (Brentwood) were on fire, then finally learned that ours was one of the few still standing.  We were/are so thankful and convinced that ours was spared partly due to a fire access road directly behind it. 

Before the fire we all stared out the big cabin window and colored a picture of the forest.  We recently found those pictures and feel very sad for the trees.  Our crayon colors are now gray and black, whereas they were several shades of green and brown.  Our Waffles tried to cheer things up.


We THANK ALL the Firefighters who helped save our cabin and others.  Sadly most of the trees in our area are burned, but many others are okay, and several cabins are being rebuilt. 

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