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A Walk Around Costa Mesa And Newport Beach.

There are so many restaurants in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa.  You especially notice them if you’re on foot.  Below is a pictorial view of our walk from Costa Mesa to Newport Beach, then back.  Are you local?  Can you trace the route by street?  These pictures are in travel order from (general) start to finish.  Aloha Grill was our first stop, which is finally open — Then working on down (L-R) is Super Pollo, Santa Monica Seafood and continuing.

Mesa Grill & Barbecue, The Omelette Parlor/Chester Drawers, Billy’s at the Beach, Wine Lab Newport, Villa Nova Ristorante and A Restaurant (formerly The Arches).

On to Woody’s Diner, Avilas El Ranchito, Ten Sushi Steaks, Woody’s Wharf, The Crab Cooker and The Chicken Coop.

I’ve tried most of the above and wrote about some on Nibbles of Tidbits and for other publications.  I haven’t yet tried Mesa Grill & Barbecue, The Omelette Parlor, Ten, A Restaurant, or the Wine Lab Newport, so check back HERE for future information about them.

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    I could use some of your California sunshine and warm weather… Thanks for the great pics!

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