BookSwim: Did You Know The Library Now Delivers?


BookSwim, known to some as the Netflix of books, is a fabulous last-minute printable gift idea that delivers thousands of New York Times bestsellers to your giftee’s door!  You rent, read and return, cutting down on clutter and amping up time curled up on the couch.  You can purchase Gift Certificates in any denomination, but BookSwim is offering a holiday special right now — Any $50 Gift Card purchase comes with a $50 Gift Certificate to, and you even choose which greeting card to send.  It’s a great deal for the readers and eaters on your Christmas list, or for any time of the year.  I have it and still want it. 🙂

For the past month, I’ve been testing out BookSwim — It’s been all cookbooks for me and I love it!  When my first three cookbooks arrived, I was a little taken aback that the books are indeed used.  Unless purchasing through Ebay, I think most people are accustomed to receiving new books and items in the mail.  I have no complaints, as they are certainly in fine readable condition, just not pristine, but who cares — I’m borrowing them until done. 

Just like Netflix, you select your desired books (instead of movies) ahead of time and then they arrive in the mail.  My BookSwim plan allows me to keep three books at a time and return two or three to receive more.  All are shipped with a postage paid envelope for easy returns and the next delivery arrives fairly quickly.  Some books are so good that I now want to buy ’em and others I’m glad I can return for others.  It’s quite terrific actually and highly recommended by me and Nibbles of Tidbits.

Above is my current favorite I haven’t been able to give up — It has the most amazing Cupcakes, ideas and photos.  I just keep sending back two books at a time.  It’s all good.

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