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Cafe R+D Restaurant In Fashion Island, Newport Beach.

Cafe R&D 019

Cafe R+D is part of the Hillstone Restaurant Group.  Its decor reminds me of Houston’s, one of my favorite restaurants in the group.  This R+D is in Fashion Island, another is in Dallas and one just opened in Santa Monica.  We enjoyed the Newporter Roasted Chicken Salad with Avocado, Bacon & Huntsman Cheese (above) — It’s a fun and tasty deconstructed Salad.

Cafe R&D 016

Mediterranean Seared Tuna Salad with Sushi Grade Tuna, Avocado, Cucumber & Goat Cheese.  It’s a good flavor combination and the Tuna melted in our mouth(s).

Cafe R&D 018

Cafe R+D Chicken & Spinach Salad with Bloomsdale Spinach, Apples, Cashews & Bacon.  During this visit, we realized that all entrees (above) were served with a Deviled Egg — That’s after we had the Deviled Eggs starter.  You might want to take that into consideration when ordering, although they’re only $4, a small concern compared to other prices on the menu.

Cafe R&D 011

The Dip Duo includes Tortilla Chips with Guacamole and a Salsa-Queso type dip with a bit of a smokey flavor — We loved it!  The Chips were endless, but we wished the dip was too.  Back to the Deviled Eggs, half of our group liked them and the other half didn’t care for ’em.  There’s a lot of crunch and sweetness in the R+D Eggs and some were hoping for a high quality traditional flavor.

Cafe R&D 010Cafe R&D 022Cafe R&D 021

They have an outdoor patio and a window view into the kitchen from the outside of the restaurant, which is always fun.  This day we watched the Chefs making Huntsman Cheese.  Cafe R+D has a small menu and it’s not cheap, but the food, atmosphere and service makes it desirable.  For more information, read what others are saying on Yelp.

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    Thanks Miranda!

  2. October 18th, 2009 at 12:19 | #2

    Yum. This resturuant looks great. I love guac. and chips. I make it often….

    By the way, Goodluck on my giveaway.

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