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Chicken Thigh Lettuce Wraps Without Much Effort.

Chicken Thighs

Don’t these Chicken Thighs look good?  They do (above), but did have an unattractive transition shortly before serving (below).  They were cooked in a Crock Pot skin on, thus don’t come out with the preferred tan.  And since they were in a Crock Pot all day long, they needed to be removed carefully to keep ’em from falling apart.

Chicken Thighs in a Crock Pot

Before leaving for work, the Chicken Thighs were placed in a Crock Pot with Chicken Broth, Rice Wine Vinegar, Water and S & P.  After arriving home several hours later, all was gently transferred to a baking dish and broiled in the oven.  Once pretty and crisp, the Chicken Thighs were served with Lettuce Leaves and an attempt at Sticky Rice.

Chicken Thigh Lettuce Wraps

The meat just fell off the bone, the state always strived for when preparing boned Chicken.  And it tasted great in the refreshing Lettuce Leaves.  No Sauce was needed, but a little Sweet Chili Sauce was added to our third Taco.  These delicious Lettuce Wraps didn’t require much effort.  As for the Sticky Rice, it’s back to the drawing board. 🙂

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