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El Pollo Loco You’re Acting Like a Crazy Chicken.

I have been one of your biggest cheerleaders for years, but some of your recent decisions have been disappointing.  It started with the cutback of Tortillas.  Having received 3 Tortillas with a Chicken Combo Meal since EPL’s opening in California, the downgrade to 2 Tortillas was quite obvious and lame.  At first I thought it was a mistake, but then learned what’s up after a few visits.  Not good.

Then one day, NO more Chipotle Dressing for the Salads.  Why?  It was tasty.  I was eating Salads at EPL all the time.  Dressing can mean everything to a Salad.  That crazy decision was hard to get over.

And now NO more Chipotle Salsa — Another bad move.  It was your best Salsa.  I tried its new replacement Salsa (top left in above picture) and it’s okay.  It has a good spice, but it’s a little too thin.  The Chipotle Salsa went better with the Chicken and Tortillas.  The thinner Salsa tends to make the Tortillas soggy.  Bring back the Chipotle Salsa!

El Pollo Loco you have been my favorite fast food joint for many years, but you’re acting crazy.  You’re changing things that worked well for many.  Can you explain your corporate position here, or better yet, change these things back?  I’ll like you more.

BTW, your Crunchy Taco is pretty good — I hope its time isn’t limited, but I somehow suspect it will be.  But PLEASE don’t take away the Chicken.  It’s excellent.  I keep trying to recreate its flavor, but haven’t so far.  All the copycat recipes I’ve tried miss the mark.

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Pictured respectively below are the Crunchy Taco, the Value Menu Nachos, and a Small Garden Salad with the Creamy Cilantro Dressing, the runner up to the Chipotle Dressing.

epl-002.JPG     epl-004.JPG     epl-019.JPG

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