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Giant Dusty Muffin: What Are You Waiting For Stupid, Eat It.

Although I haven’t watched it lately, I’ll forever be a long time fan of Saturday Night Live.  And I particularly LOVE the NPR Delicious Dish sketches — They crack me the hell up!  Since Nibbles of Tidbits is often about the FUNNY regarding FOOD, this video mixes right in.  And I’ve been a Betty White fan for years, before she became popular again.  She’s pretty funny! 😉

* Try Betty’s Giant Dusty Muffin, described in the video, or these Sugar Donut Muffins, or learn about Pete’s Schweddy Balls on NPR’s Delicious Dish.  Bon Appétit.

  1. October 21st, 2010 at 06:25 | #1

    I love Betty White too, and she’s just gotten funnier with this latest craze over her. I love the commercial where guys are playing football and one of them accuses another of playing like Betty White and it’s actually her!
    You asked about my scones on my blog and whether you can sub in sugar for the erythritol…you absolutely can. In almost all of my recipes, you can sub real sugar for my sweeteners. I just have to stay low carb to keep my blood sugars in check and erythritol is the best one I’ve found to replace real sugar. Some people find sugar alcohols a bit hard on the tummy, but I haven’t found that with erythritol and it is supposed to be easier on the digestive system than xylitol, maltitol, etc. But if you have stomach ailments, you may want to stick with real sugar, or try erythritol a bit at a time to see what it does for you.

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