Historic Prices At The Blue Beet: If The 100 Year Old Walls Could Talk.

Once the site of a speakeasy during prohibition, The Blue Beet plays on.  And do you remember Sid?  More history about the place can be found here.  It’s a cool joint with good food and music.  One of our Guest Bloggers, Bonnie recently enjoyed their historic prices (currently offered on Thursdays) with her son and wrote the following: 

We went to the Blue Beet tonight for the “Throwback Thursday” specials that they are doing for their 100th Anniversary.  Both Jay and I (and it seems like everyone around us) ordered the Beef Stroganoff, plus their “Gourmet” Mac ‘N Cheese.  I think it’s the most incredible deal I have ever gotten for a dinner. It was a full plate of Stroganoff on top of Mashed Potatoes and comes with a very generous side of Green Beans.

Although I didn’t particularly care for the Mac ‘N Cheese, it was a full bowl, along with two slices of Garlic Bread. With two Cokes, the meal for both of us came to $24.00 and I have enough left over for a full lunch tomorrow!!  Too bad I didn’t have my camera.

Menu offerings on Throwback Thursday:

Garlic Bread $1.95

Clam Chowder $2.95

Dinner Salad $2.95

BBQ Chicken Salad $4.95

Top Sirloin steak $5.25

Beef Stroganoff $5.25

Pork Chops $5.75

Steak Sandwich $5.75

Mac ‘N Cheese $3.95

Jay never had Stroganoff before, but he loved it!  He ate every single bite of it, along with the Mac ‘N Cheese and his Garlic Bread.  I highly recommend the place.  That’s my report for now.

Thanks Bonnie!  You better bring a camera next time — Above photo credited to a Yelper.

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