Il Farro Caffe Trattoria Near The Newport Pier.


We went to Il Farro Caffe Trattoria for their prix-fixe meal during Orange County Restaurant Week.  It’s a small Italian restaurant within walking distance from the Newport Beach Pier.  We tried the Carpaccio di Bue al Sedano as an appetizer (above) and the Pollo all Pizzaiola as an entree (below).


Our other appetizer was the Ravioli di Funghi al Gorgonzola, and the entree was the Braciole al Forno, translated means Flank Steak filled and rolled with Rosemary, Sage and Parmesan in a Sherry Sauce.


It was a beautiful evening, the sun was going down and the food was good.  HOWEVER, there was something that bothered my friend and me (and I hope it’s isolated) — To preface the story, we had 5:30 p.m. reservations on a Friday night and arrived on time.


We were then seated in a small area in the front of the restaurant near the deli counter, which would have been fine if it was packed.  The restaurant is divided into two dining areas.  We were being packed up front, while no one was sitting in the larger back dining room. 

I asked if we could sit in the main dining room, but was told by the server that they’re “saving that area because [they] expect to be busy tonight.”  SAY WHAT?  It wasn’t until I asked if it was warmer in the back that they moved us — The entry door was propped open near the front dining area.  It was cold.

Then it was kinda funny because we were moved to the worst seat in the larger dining room, against the half wall of the clanging bus station.  Again, this would be okay, if they were packed.  Instead, we were the ONLY ones in there shortly before our move, which makes it almost comical.

And it wasn’t that they had a lack of servers, since several (5-7) walked by without offering Water or perhaps a glass of Wine.  To us, it seemed like they were saving the comfortable dining area and tables for the more important people, and then they were just oblivious.  It got better, but I guess we didn’t measure up that evening. 🙂

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  1. October 29th, 2009 at 20:52 | #1

    Looks amazing. Cant wait to check this place out when I come to visit the area.

  1. March 4th, 2009 at 17:19 | #1

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