La Siesta Catered The Ole Hanson Beach Club.

La Siesta Restaurant was working hard, not napping.  They recently catered my friend’s wedding reception and did an excellent job.  The food was very good. 

I had never heard of them before, but I’ve since learned that they’re well loved in San Clemente.  I picked up one of their business cards and it says they specialize in Carnitas.  That’s what I liked the most.  Oh, the reception was very fun too. 

The view from the Ole Hanson Beach Club was spectacular.  It’s a great place for a wedding reception.  La Siesta was set up on the roof.  It’s a winning combination for those looking to tie the knot.  And finally, here’s a picture of the Cake.  It was cool too.  Congratulations Andrea & Mike.


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If you’d like information regarding the Cake, please let us know in a comment.

  1. September 1st, 2008 at 18:43 | #1

    I love that cake. It’s adorable!

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