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Mazzottis Is Friendly & Pre-Established.

September 23rd, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Mazzottis Italian Deli & Catering settled right into the former Dolcissimo Cupcake’s location.  It looks nice inside.  They utilized the space well by raising the counters and adding bar stools.  They even added three umbrellaed tables outside, which is most often my preference. 

Although Mazzottis is new to Costa Mesa, it was pre-established in Huntington Beach for about 30 something years, near Olive and Walnut.  There’s a picture of it on their new walls — I think I remember seeing it as a kid growing up while hanging out on HB Main Street.  And now they just re-opened on 19th Street in Costa Mesa with new family members.

I received a menu and 15% off coupon in the mail, and since it’s minutes away, of course I tried it.  They were so nice and allowed me to order a smaller portion Salad than listed on the menu.  I just wanted a side Salad, instead of the larger House Garden Salad — It was really fresh and the House Italian Dressing is good.  

I also tried Mazzottis Spinach Canneloni, which had a generous amount of Spinach.  I’m told that the Calzones are IT and referred to as “World Famous” — I haven’t truly enjoyed a Calzone in my life, but may need to give theirs a try.  Maybe I’ll be converted?

Garlic Bread came with the Canneloni, which was a nice bonus.  And I tried their Garlic Cheese Fries.  I wanted more garlic on them, but maybe that’s just me.  I’d go back and try some more stuff.  I’ve read the Meatball Sandwiches are good.  It’s great to have them in the neighborhood.

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UPDATE 07/03/09:  It looks like they’ve closed.  That’s always a bummer to see.

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