Our Thoughts About One Costco Gift Basket.

It’s fun to try a variety of new food items in one sitting — A bite (or more) of each, from savory to sweet, to see what you go back to the most and finish first.  In this instance, the favorite of the basket was the Sofiato Cream Filled Crepe Bites aka Cafe Mocha Pillows.  I’m still missing them.  And the California Pantry Rosemary & Olive Oil Baked Crackers were excellent too, super crispy and flavorful.

All else was fine, except for the Cheese Straws — Yuck, none could finish one.  The taste and texture was bad.  And surprisingly the Godiva Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzel wasn’t good either, as the Pretzel was too fat, thick and dry for the Chocolate that crumbled off it after the first bite.  Overall, I appreciate the gift and the basket is a keeper for attractive organization.

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