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Over Sunny Please: Yellow Food To Brighten Up Everything.

It’s parade day for yellow, in stride after orange, green and purple — And the band played on.

Continuing here with another pictorial post highlighting color, this of a highlighter, emphasized.

Medley of yellow food from the earth and some hand prepared — Photo credit here.

Yellow Tomato Carpaccio, more striking than red, to be featured before or after blue.

I like the Missing Tooth Emoticon and Invisible Emoticon above. 😉

Yellow Spotted Boxfish, admired and not eaten here — So much to see under the sea.

And above sea level there’s bountiful yellow food to view, get the hue, yes even some roux.

I’m in awe of the contest winning photo above — It’s so incredibly beautiful.

It’s reported… YELLOW FOOD is favored by Rock ‘N’ Rollers — By Korn, Corn, the Banana? 

And Yellow Squash like to dance — Get a pan will ya.

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