Pound Cake, It’s Not Just a Van Halen Song.

I’ll never forget that “Pound Cake” is the title of a Van Halen song.  My friends and I were once running late to a Van Halen concert at the Pacific Amphitheater, as Pound Cake was just starting to play.  I can’t write what my friend said as we were running in, but I’ll never forget it.  I like the song and the Cake.

Here I made the easy Betty Crocker Pound Cake Mix we’ve all seen in the grocery store for years.  It’s good and simple, but I like to doctor them up differently each time.  The mix makes two small loaves.  This time I added Cinnamon to one and Lemon Zest to the other.  I swirled both into the batter, then topped with leftover Streusel — I had made too much for a pie, so it came in handy here.  Both turned out yummy and are great to have on hand for guests.  Rock on. 🙂

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