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Rao’s Meatballs On Wednesday Nights In Harlem.


It takes months to get a reservation at Rao’s in Upper Manhattan New York.  The hundred year old restaurant hardly has more than ten tables in a corner of East Harlem.  I’ve read “the dishes are magical” and since I’m in California, I bought Rao’s Cookbook.   It’s my way in.  I’d love to eat in the restaurant someday, but until then I THANK Anna and Frankie for the BEST Meatball Recipe ever.  I need no other.


I make the exact recipe and my own Breadcrumbs, but I bake the Meatballs instead of fry them.  It’s a lot easier and turns out great.  I bake them in a preheated 400° oven for about 25-30 minutes, and then add ’em to simmering Marinara Sauce as noted in No. 4 of Rao’s Recipe below.


I’ve included a link to their Cookbook and posted “Anna and Frankie’s Meatballs” Recipe HERE — They’re only served on Wednesdays at the restaurant.  They really are tasty and I can now eat them all week long in California.  I’ll also freeze the Meatballs individually and reheat a few in Sauce whenever they sound good.  It’s an easy way to be reminded of their authentic Italian flavor and be transported to happiness.


Rao’s Cookbook Link:


Easy Read Recipe Link: http://therecipereader.com/meatballs-raos.htm

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    I sooo love meatballs and can’t wait to eat them this coming weekend. 😉

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