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Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake And More To Come.

We now get back to reporting about the superb Cheesecake featured on Father’s Day.  We prepared it by following the Cheesecake (One easy method, endless flavor variations) recipe and instructions found on pages 63 – 69 in Fine Cooking Magazine’s (April/May 2010) issue.  Abigail Johnson Dodge puts forth the best Cheesecake preparation instructions we’ve seen.  Our second Cheesecake is pictured above — It’s a Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake and we’re happy to report that it also turned out fantastic.  White Chocolate was substituted in place of one of the four (8 oz.) packs of Cream Cheese used in the basic recipe.  For immediate access to the recipe and instructions online, click hereFinecooking.com has a “Create Your Own” section that’s educational, easy to follow and impressive.  We’re excited to test out more Cheesecake flavor variations. 

* The hearts were made by running a toothpick through the center of Raspberry Purée drops.

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