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Red Robin Restaurant Blast From The Past.

While in college once upon a time, I waitressed at a Red Robin Restaurant.  I shouldn’t tell this next part, but I told ’em I’d waitressed before, but hadn’t — Sorry.  Luckily all went well and I still have friends whom I met there so long ago.  And now, several years after graduation and not eating at Red Robin, I met a long lost former co-worker there for lunch.  We were both happy to see that the BLTA Croissant Sandwich is still on the menu and it’s as good as we remember.  Also pictured is the Bleu Ribbon Burger, which we tried for the first time.  It was good, but unfortunately not great — It includes Chipotle Mayo, which sounds great on the surface, but seemed to overtake the “Bleu” aspect of the Burger.  Combined with an Herbed Bun, there are just too many competing flavors happening with it.  We give thumbs up to the management of the Santa Ana (Sunflower) location, as they appear to really care about Red Robin customers.  Business was booming this lunch day and management was walkin’ the floor making sure all was satisfactory.

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