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Redondo Beach Pier Fresh Fish Markets And Old-Time Arcade.

Under the boardwalk, we’ll be having some fun — At the Redondo Beach Pier, people walking above.  Fish Markets and Old-Time Arcades, people falling in love.  I’m grateful to be reminded of the magic that’s there and hope to return to experience more soon.  There’s so much to do.

And much more to eat under the boardwalk around the Redondo Beach Pier.

Many things I love like Crab and Lobster, but we weren’t so excited about the Sea Urchin.

Others were eating ’em up, after a breaking of its shell and a quick rinse of water.

Several fresh Oyster types were available to be shucked and consumed.

The offerings are varied and seem endless — Pick something, have it cooked and eat outside.

Free cooking — Broiled, fried or otherwise.

Smelt — I remember my Mom serving them for dinner when I was a kid and I liked them.

We opted for Ceviche this day — There are so many choices above and under the boardwalk.

Ceviche, Tortillas and a giant Pacifico on the patio with much more to go.

One of my favorite Old-Time Arcades is here near the Pier.

We had a blast with $20 — Its old-time prices go with its nostalgic experience.

Mostly old-fashioned games meet a few worthy new ones — Didn’t catch the Candy though.

Caught a Jawbreaker that escaped during its retrieval and bounced down the boardwalk. 🙂

Like some newer Arcades, tickets are earned towards prizes.

We chose Surprise Boxes — The sampling above wasn’t too bad.  I can use the basting brush.

This day we also walked along the shore from Hermosa Beach to Manhattan Beach (and back), ultimately to El Torasco, a long-time favorite Mexican restaurant of mine, and then barely made it back to Hermosa before the sun went down — A beautiful day indeed!

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