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Something Different Than Ikea’s Meatballs.


Ikea’s Restaurant & Cafe is one of the best places for lunch.  On Wednesdays I work in an office across the street from an Ikea — The inexpensive menu, unique foods, spacious dining area, cafeteria style ordering, and large windows make if a perfect place for lunch.  And I’ve finally figured out how to leave the place without having to walk through the entire store, HA.  That’s important!

I’ve always had their Swedish Meatballs, but they’ve got other dishes I’d like to try.  This week it was Salmon with an Apple Glaze (I think), with Potatoes and Carrots.  The vegetables were over-cooked, but tasted okay.  The Salmon was good with the Lemony Sauce they offer, but I really didn’t taste “Apple” in/on anything.  Until I must have the Meatballs again, I look forward to trying new things on Wednesdays.

See Ikea’s Swedish Meatballs HERE:

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