The Crab Cooker: Welcome Dear (Smoked) Fish Eaters.

Crab Cooker 007

The Crab Cooker — It’s one of my favorite landmarks in Newport Beach.

Crab Cooker 013

It’s been simple and enjoyable since 1951.

Crab Cooker 002

For some reason it’s hard to find consistently good Smoked Fish around here, so I’m glad it always seems to be available at The Crab Cooker.  Elsewhere it’s been previously frozen and defrosted, too dry, refrigerator flavored, unappetizing looking, or it’s too expensive.

Crab Cooker 008

Smoked Albacore and Smoked Salmon are favorites to have at home, as often as possible.

Crab Cooker 001

Fish options and prices vary.

Crab Cooker 004

It’s a Restaurant and Fish Market that’s walking distance from the Newport Beach Pier.

Crab Cooker 005

I’m always happy to eat at The Crab Cooker and perfectly satisfied afterwards.

Crab Cooker 009

Smoked Fish To Go — I like their Tartar Sauce, but my Cocktail Sauce is better.

Smoked Fish 012

And King Crab Legs could be my favorite food of all, if I had to pick one.

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