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Walt’s Wharf Restaurant Wrap Up And A Mystery Solved.

Those Cadillac Margaritas go right here, thank you — At Walt’s Wharf Restaurant in Seal Beach for the Oak Grilled Artichoke, dinner, drinks and to explore Main Street.

In the Bar having Walt’s Famous Oak Grilled Artichoke and Lea & Perrins Sauce.

View looking out the Bar window on to Main Street, a couple blocks from the ocean.

The kitchen, grill and pick-up window.

White Wine cases lining the entrance.

Lovely Hostesses of the evening.

Warm Sour Dough Bread.

Dinner Salad.

The Trout was excellent.

A Blackened Halibut (split).

Looking in from the outside — Got there during daylight and left when it was dark.

Walt’s Wharf Birthday Dessert — Thank you.

And thank you dear friends for the appetizers, dinner, drinks and guaranteed laughs.

Those piggies ate most of the dessert. 😉

I drift back in time and I find my feet down on Main Street.

Note:  Mystery solved is found in the links above and summarized here — We observed that Walt’s Lea & Perrins Sauce n/k/a Lea and Perrins Aioli is slightly different.  The ingredients are the same, but the measurements have changed.  We like the original recipe better.

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