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Welcome Two Thousand Twelve: We’re Ready To Delve.

The OC Fair New Year’s Eve Block Party is almost like being at the Orange County Fair.

Dry Turkey Legs (sorry) best underscore my first sentence — You’ve seen them before.

Snapshots of the NYE event, Part (2) of (2) are posted here — Untimely camera issues caused spots on most photos planned for use.  Gourmet Food Trucks were parked throughout.

Cocktails & Desserts were available in each and every hanger.

The LA based Border Grill Truck was in the OC too, amongst many local darlings.

We were keen on the Casino games and won OC Fair tickets, as reported in Part (1) of (2).

I still don’t know how to play Craps — I like Poker best, but it wasn’t played this night.

In addition to the Gourmet Food Trucks and Baja Blues, a few OC Fair fixtures were grillin’.

As like 2010, a nice, respectable, friendly bunch of people attended this year’s Block Party.

Dueling Pianos were playing at Baja Blues, replacing last year’s Karaoke.

Unicycling and chainsaw juggling was happening in the streets, near the Ferris Wheel.

Piaggio On Wheels Chicken Milanesa Sandwich — I like their Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog best.

Do you remember what I reported about the Brussels Sprouts?  I’m still thinking about ’em.

To its right is the Truffled Fried Mac N’ Cheese, I think — Don’t recall its exact name.

It’s from Home Skillet, like the Brussels Sprouts — Most impressed with them this evening.

The Media Lounge was in a different spot this year, closer to the action they say — We stopped in for a few and most enjoyed the Cheese Platter, pictured in Part (1) of (2).

Thank you!  I already can’t wait until next year.

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