What Makes This BLT So Special?

It’s the Herbs in the Salad Mix.  They add a sophisticated and notable dimension to the standard BLT.  I now prefer it this way.  I made the same Sandwich yesterday and it was so good I wanted it again.  Since I didn’t have enough Bacon, I only made 1/2 a Sandwich — With a side Salad it’s a great meal.

It’s easy to put together.  The Tomatoes weigh down the Lettuce, and with them in the middle, the Bread doesn’t get soggy.  I toast the Bread and add Mayo to both pieces, and S&P the Tomatoes too.

blt-salad-001.JPG     blt-salad-005.JPG     blt-salad-010.JPG

This Herb Salad Mix includes fresh Dill, Cilantro, Parsley, Arugula, Baby Lettuce, Frisee, Radicchio, and more.  TIP:  I buy this mix most often.  It’s great to have if you need a few Herbs.  It’s less expensive overall and multi-purposeful.  I’ll remove a little Dill or Cilantro to add to a recipe.

lettuce-002.JPG     blt-salad-014.JPG

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