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You Are “HOW” You Eat Says Food-ology.

January 20th, 2009 2 comments

“Food-ology, You Are How You Eat” offers great insight regarding YOUR eating habits.  Its founder really seems to be in tune with the correlation between the way people eat and what it reveals about their personalities.  The Food-ology website is well done, informative, fun and helpful.  I just took the posted Monthly Quiz, which appeared to accurately describe me — I’m not telling.  GIVE IT A TRY.

Apparently there’s much YOU can learn from how you prepare your food, how you eat it, shop for it, order it, and more.  So, not only are we “what” we eat, but now “how” we eat.  Knowing that, it’ll be helpful to learn what it says about us.  Insight is good, isn’t it?

I’ve deemed a fun FOOD-OLOGICAL site.  They might want to trademark that too, if not taken already.  Thanks!