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Cook Or Be Cooked Wii Game By The Food Network.

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My favorite part of the Cook Or Be Cooked Wii Game is watching Susie Fogelson gag and Mory Thomas fall back on his chair in disgust of most of the dishes we prepared, HA — We cracked up at that.  We actually wanted more and were disappointed that we didn’t see additional ways of showing dislike.  I know that’s not the object of the game, but it’s entertaining.  We wanted them to run out of the room, fall on the floor, or alternately gag and fall back.  Their reactions are a bit redundant, until you get better at the game.

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The graphics and likenesses are well done — It’s a little confusing at first, but once you figure out how to go back and forth between the different dish preparations, it’s more interesting.  Wii Cook Or Be Cooked is fun, but we had a better time playing Wii Air Hockey, Skee Ball, Darts, Bowling, Basketball and Shuffleboard the same day.  We were (6) on an RV vacation when we tried Cook Or Be Cooked.  BBQ’ing on the beach in between our Wii game competition was a great time.  We cooked and got cooked by the Food Network this weekend and look forward to doing it again.